15 Nov 2011

Learning the hardway

On Jacobs computer desk he has a lamp. An incredibly bright lamp that you could use to land a plane. From the very day he got it we have told the girls that they must NEVER touch it as it gets very hot. We've also told them never to touch any other light bulbs/lamps either for that matter but this one is the one we have stressed the most.

Tonight Rosie, for reasons that none of us will ever understand, decided to touch the bulb. She was sitting at the computer with Uncle Andy and I called her to come for her bath, she turned the light off and then touched the bulb. That was a couple of hours ago, she's still crying.

She has a blister on her thumb, the thumb she sucks and is generally very sad.

This picture was taken of her in the bath with her thumb on a container of ice. It's almost hard not to laugh when you see this much drama, but I didn't. I couldn't laugh at her, she really is sad. Sigh.

Do they ever realise that we set rules for a reason? I hope so.


Catherine said...

Poor little lamby! It's so hard when they learn things the hard way as it's hurts us too....even when the pics are tempting to giggle at. Hope your little loves thumb is feeling better soon. Burns are terribly painful.

Anonymous said...

Oh Dear!!!xxbb

Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

Hard lesson to learn!

One Happy Mama said...

Poor baby. I did something similar when I was younger which involved a wringer from an old fashion washing machine. Speaking from experience, Rose probably won't do it again though.


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