16 Nov 2011


On Wednesdays the girls both get out of school at 2pm so it gives us a little extra time in the afternoons to do things. Lily usually has swim practice at 5pm but I made an executive decision today to cancel it. Instead we went to our pool. WE never go to the pool after September because the water is freezing but seeing that we haven't had any rain lately we decided to give it a shot. Brrr. it was freezing. The kids jumped right in and then Rosie immediately jumped right out but she sucked it up and stayed in for an hour. Andy dove right in and played with Lily and sally and I got wet to our knees, we're brave like that.

A slow race ???
See, my lips aren't blue yet.
Auntie sally and Lily
yep, that really is how far she went in.
Uncle Andy trying to drown Lily

Andy playing the fool.

After all that silliness everyone was hungry so we went out for dinner and then the girls begged, as they have done daily since Sally and Andy arrived, to go to yogurtland. Today they got hteir wish.
This is a really silly photo but I love the way Rose is looking at my sister. I bowed out of a frozen treat, I was still freezing from the pool

WE are down to the wire as far as time left together. THe girls have both been in tears today. Sigh.


Sherri said...

funny seeing you guys in a pool...we're thinking about getting in ours this weekend. the weather here is just beautiful...highs in the upper 80's all week and that's unreal being it's Nov - it's usually a bit cooler...but you never know what kind of weather you get living in Florida. I can say we get in the pool around Christmas too!!

Catherine said...

Chilly yet fun family times!!

Yougurtland = yummo!!! Good taste girls!

Anonymous said...

love it.xxxxbb

val said...

You people from down south must not have any blood in your veins!

Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

No swimming in these northern parts!!!

One Happy Mama said...

My girls are the same – the water can be freezing – but they love to go to the pool anyway. Although, I have to admit, I haven’t taken them since September – maybe we’re missing out? They do have the Polar Club of swimmers, right? Oh my gosh, Yogurtland is one of our favorite places! You better watch out, Rose has that look of admiration of Aunt Sally … you’re in for some wild times ahead!


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