23 Jul 2011


We are back safe and sound a few days sooner than we had initially planned but that's life. It's funny but the second you walk through your front door it is just as if you have never left. Jacob met us at the airport and we walked in to a welcome home banner which I thought was a very sweet touch.
The plane ride was smooth and fast, one of the fastest yet, only 8.5 hours but it seemed to take forever possibly because we were up at 3am. I have to mention one little thing that happened on the plane as I thought it was a bit off. We were the very first row in coach, the bulkhead seats, and in the 2 seats to our left sat a man and his 6 yr old son. The man was obviously quite tired and kept trying to sleep. For the most part the child left him alone but after a couple of hours he woke him as he tried to walk by him and the man got very agitated. Towards the end of the flight the girls and I were playing card games and Rosie wanted to ask the boy to play. I said it was fine as we had an empty seat next to us. The dad agreed and Flynn came and sat with us. Not 2 seconds later his dad went to the back of the plane to talk with a friend and stayed there for about an hour. WTH? All of a sudden I am a babysitting service for a kid I don't even know, who, I would like to add, was quite mouthy. Finally the seatbelt light came on so I suggested he return to his seat. His father didn't return until the trolley appeared with afternoon tea! One day I will learn to avoid unknown children at all costs but until then I will remain the reluctant baby sitter in all circumstances.
The girls and their toys could not be separated today and they were not at all interested in leaving the house. It may have had something to do with the outrageously hot weather or just the fact that they were happy to be back in their home with their things. That is not to say that they have not had a fantastic time with their grands. I finally pried the toys out of their hot little hands long enough to get them into the pool for a couple of hours.
After their bath this evening Rosie fell fast asleep on the couch within 2 minutes. I think she is still on English time. I hope she wakes up at a reasonable hour in the morning....please cross your fingers.


val said...

Welcome home

Vivian M said...

Welcome back home sweet home!


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