20 Jul 2011

Crazy family

Lots of fun times in the last 2 days. Cousins came to play and of course Crazy Auntie Sally was here, need I say more.
Stephen, Sally and the girls came back yesterday for another visit due to the fact that Sundays fun was cut short when Sophie didn't feel well. Yesterday, thankfully, everyone felt great and the girls played their little hearts out. The zip-line down the rec' is the new favourite this year. I think it has been used more in the past 2 weeks than ever before.

A fun lunch for the girls
playing in the park
Stephen and Sally

The big kids

Today Crazy Auntie Sally and I took the girls out for the afternoon to an open farm. We had fun and a whole lot of it.
Thanks Auntie Sally, this is fun
This is great fun Auntie Sally, you should try it.
Crazy Auntie Sally.
Good job she is even smaller than me.

We drove tractors
Someone tried to drive in a car that she used to fit in.
There were rope bridges
big tyre swings
and of course animals

Lily loves all animals
Auntie Sally, not so much, that is why you can't see her
Rosie is giddy at the sight of all the bunnies
She actually touched them, Auntie Sally didn't.
This little guinea pig just marched right into Lily's lap.

This goat tried to eat my jacket. I learnt something quite important today: I speak goat. Yes, I know it is hard to believe but every single time I would imitate this Nanny she would reply. I think I will add that to my resume.

We have almost reached the end of our stay, Just a bit more shopping and I can pack. Talking of chocolate I think I have eaten my own weight in the stuff.


val said...

There is nothing better than english choc....yum yum!

BTW.....vacation food does not contain any calories!

Tammie said...

Looks like another wonderful vacay! I must say that the parks back home could teach our parks here a thing or 2 about how to make things fun.


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