4 Jun 2011

Party like an animal

Today was Lily's birthday party. She hasn't had an actual party before. I know that seems rather sad but it isn't as dreadful as it sounds. Usually school ends before her birthday and we hop on a plane and head to various locations and spend her day in a different city doing something she loves. Last year we did things with her at home and headed off to a restaurant of her choice for dinner and met her BFF's there. This year school doesn't get out until next week so a party was in oder.

It was just a little one, her bff's plus 2 kids from her class. She invited 3 but one didn't come. We went roller skating and I am still alive to blog about it!

Her day started like this
Breakfast with her friends following their un-sleepover. (I thought 5.45 was a little early to get up but they didn't think so)
Shortly thereafter we were here and doing the crazy skate thing. Honestly they scare me to death and what with this being 2011 if one of the little darlings got hurt it would all land in my lap. Yikes. They did fall, A LOT, all of them and sometimes they bumped down rather hard but they just took a breather and got right back in the game. I am sure every single one of them will be black and blue tomorrow. Lily and her group of really lovely little friends are not the most co-ordinated children. Just don't tell them I told you.

The face says it all. Peanut was not at all enthused about shoes with wheels. She was scared..bwa ha ha
That's Joie in the yellow
here she is again
All the neon lights played havoc with my point and shoot.
After a brief jaunt around the rink Rosie decided she liked it.
Taking a boo boo break
Time for lunch
Lily wanted cupcakes instead of a traditional cake
Us. I appear to be having a white top fetish again. Years ago I only ever wore white tops and I seem to be headed that way again.
Trevi, Joie, Anlei, Adam, Lily and Sana.
Eating the icing
Why do they look so gulity?
Goo Goo
After the party we came back here and opened gifts

Rosie got one too. It was a belated gift and she misunderstood and wanted to save it until her birthday next year. Silly goose.

We had a really great time. Lily LOVED her party and that's what counts.
The icing on the cake came this evening when she finally lost another tooth. I swear her teeth are held in place by Chinese sticky rice cos they just don't come out. Most of her friends have lost most of theirs but for Lily this one is number 6.

Now she gets to celebrate all over again on Monday, her actual birthday. We have saved all the gifts from family for then.


val said...

Sounds like fun.....except for the rollerskating! I don't like shoes with wheels either!

Sofia said...

I love rollerblading.... But not ice skating! I take my little girl to the roller rink every Saturday, and I swear, she is a pro, and she's 8!


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