9 Jun 2011

Keeping it real

Foul language ahead. Children under the age of 18 DO NOT READ! Joie, that means you.

Sometimes blogs paint these real pretty pictures of life. Fabulous photos with beautiful children in beautiful clothes in beautiful houses. Life isn't always like that.

I have been really stressed lately and have kept the blog the same, pretty.

For the last nine effing days I have had a migraine. I wake up every single day with my head pounding and my stomach churning. The first thing I reach for is my migraine meds and a glass of water. Sometimes I hit the shower and hope to god that it will subside. It doesn't. I have had to put on my pretty little smile and maneuver my way through my daughters ninth birthday party, without as much as a grimace. with my head really kicking my arse. I have to face life and all it offers with out crawling into bed which is what I want to do. The pain is so bad that I want to cry. I had 15 B0tox shots 3 weeks ago in hopes that they would help. Nada. that was a hard decision for me as the long term effects of B0tox on the body are really not known but I cannot take this kind of pain much longer. Believe me if I was going to do B0tox through choice I would have done my face and not my head, scalp and neck. I try so hard to keep life on an even keel for the girls but sometimes the pain is so intense that I can barely even speak.

The hubs and I have some huge decisions to make in the next couple of months and they are weighing heavily on us. Where to buy, when to buy, keep this, sell this, stay here, invest it all, invest some, OMG what to do?

Hubs and I have been married for 24 years things seems a little stale. It isn't fun. Richer, poorer, good times and blah blah blah blah blah. We have set ourselves some us time. We will get through it, it isn't the first it won't be the last.

The IRS is pissing me of something fierce. My life in the UK should be none of their business but now it is. WTF? First the adoption and now this. Still no news when we will see our refund just 8 identical letters from them stating they are reviewing our information. It sucks donkey balls.

School is out. This is a wonderful thing. I love having my girls about. See this isn't a complete Debbie Downer post.

Just keeping it real.


Love Letters To China said...

I feel your pain in every way except my physical pain is in my neck (three bulging discs). Would love to stay in bed all day too...just isn't going to happen. I'll say a little pray that everything falls into place. First and foremost that the pain goes away. As the saying goes, this too shall pass. All the right answers will eventually come in time.

Sending you a big ole hug. Hope it helps to know you're not alone. I also love it when you use a little foul language. Keeps it real... :-)

val said...

You definitely need a big hug! Girl I work with did acupuncture for her migraines ...it really helped. (just a thought) Sounds like too much pressure with all those decisions?

3D said...

Keep it real! I wish I could help take away your migraine pain. Sux indeed!

Always here if you need to vent!

You may need a change of scenery...time for a trip north perhaps?!?

Keep smilin!

Briana's Mom said...

Ugh - your migraine sounds horrific. My sister suffers from them. They are so horrible. I'm sorry.

I am all about keeping it real (you will see in my last post on my blog).

I like seeing pictures and happy times on blogs, but I really rather read the real stuff.

Tammie said...

You know that I'm with you on those darn migraines. I haven't really found anything that works. Treximet works but takes too long not to mention that my insurance company no longer pays for it. That said, I take a naproxen & an imitrex. 2 pills with prayers they'll stay down. I've heard wonderful things about accupuncture for migraines. It did help with my Bells Palsy. Perhaps it's worth a shot?

The rest of the stress is the real world. Lately I feel as if I'm dealing with too much real world also.

If you ever want to talk & have a good ole biatchfest, let me know.

Hugs . . .

Vivian M said...

Dawn, you are not alone and we totally get it. I wish I was closer to help out, even if just to take the girls out so you could just rest for a day.

Have you had a CAT scan or MRI to rule out potential causes of the migraines? And try acupuncture!! (you already have experience with Botox needles, it's worth a try).

I am sending you a huge hug. And positive thoughts. And if you ever saw "The King's Speech", just picture me mouthing all the curse words for you to repeat. ;o)

I think a trip to visit family is in order. And some of the yummy white chocolate they have there.

And if beatching with Tammie is not enough, I can call you! ;o)

Love ya, Viv

Maci Miller said...

oh, Dawn, I'm so sorry how you are feeling. And I so understand. I post pretty pics of my kid some days cause I don't have anything "pretty" to talk about. I don't have the migraines but I get anxiety and insomnia (hence the 3:30 am comment). A lot going on here too. Jeff's company sucks. Very very very stressful. I don't share this to turn the focus away from what you are going through but just to say, hey, you are not alone my friend. I suggest a spa day or girls night out or something fun like that! It may not help long term but at least it may give you some temporary relief!
Sending hugs and happy thoughts your way! Sure hope you find some relief soon!


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