13 Jun 2011

Happy birthday to me.

I was on such a fabulous blogging roll. I had posted every single day for 11 days or so but then yesterday nada. I had a very good reason for taking the day off, it was my birthday. I actually forget about it now, well sort of. Lily's birthday is so close to mine that and I get so excited about hers that mine sneaks up and all of sudden BAM, happy birthday to me.
I woke up yesterday morning and thought, woohoo, it's my day. I came down stairs, very quietly as everyone else was asleep and was greeted by a birthday banner and 3 cards. It made me smile that Jacob had done that before he went to bed. He had also placed a book that I wanted on the table, I left everything undisturbed. I sauntered into the kitchen for a drink and found a little birthday banner wrapped around a water glass and then another and another everywhere I turned.
The girls bounded down the stairs and regaled me with happy birthday and when I went out to get the paper Jacob must have come down because when I went in the crazy stuff began. The girls were so gleeful to show me their cards and more than a little excited to tell me who chose my new bracelet and who chose the beads for it. My father and Jeanne also sent me a bead for it which I REALLY love. This is my 3rd bracelet but this one is a bangle so it's different. Lily chose me the yin yang bead. Now I don't have to switch the beads each time I wear them I can keep them all on the different bracelets. Spoiled much?

I have wanted to read this book since it came out.

And also want to read this one

Now I can.
Both need tissues. Lots of tissues.
As if this wasn't enough my hubby bought me shoes. Now the way to a mans heart might be though his stomach but the way to mine is through shoes and diamonds! Lets not forget the diamonds. I got a most gorgeous pair of sandals.

We went out for lunch and out for dinner we spent the evening with a friend and ate the most wonderful cupcakes from here.
My birthday was fabulous. I even got to sit quietly and read my book.
Thank you to all my friends and family who made it the special day that it was.


val said...

Happy Birthday....hope you had a wonderful day!!!

Maci Miller said...

I'm so glad to hear you had such a wonderful day! You deserve it! Happy bday hugs from us!


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