11 Jun 2011

Green thumbs

I have never been able to keep plants alive. I even kill things in my vegetable drawer and not through neglect either.

A few weeks ago when the girls received seeds from Katie Starr, to grow a Hummingbird and butterfly garden, they were delighted and planted them the very next day. I have tried to stay away from them and insisted that the girls tend to their seedlings daily. They haven't needed to much coaxing since they started to spout almost immediately and within a couple of weeks we had plants and shortly after that they had their first flowers and we had to move them into bigger pots. The pots became so overcrowded that the girls moved some pants into the flower garden out front.

The have lots of beautiful, yellow, white, red, purple flowers and even some Black Eyed Susans.
Thank you Katie Starr for your very thoughtful goody bags we love our pretty flowers.


Love Letters To China said...

Your girls definitely have a green thumb! Our plants haven't really bloomed too much. Just one of them has some little yellow flowers. Looks like your girls have the magic touch.

Hope you had a fabulous day today! :-)

Tammie said...

Lovely plants!

Personally, I have what my mom used to call the "black thumbs of death."


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