14 Jun 2011

Picnic lunch and play date on steroids

Our friend Kelly is in town so this can only mean one thing: PLAYDATE. We all planned to meet at the playground at noon, bring our picnic lunches and then hop in to the pool for a while. Well, we did exactly that and we stayed in the pool having the absolutely most wonderful afternoon until 4.40 when it started to rain. Ed, Jen, and their 2 kiddies, Kelly and her 2 kiddies, me and my 2, Jeanette and her 2 and a few others that either happened to be there or just showed up. It was wonderful, really wonderful. The afternoon flew by.
Ed and I decided to teach Danielle how to swim and after a little while she wouldn't even look at me. It was hilarious. I told Ed we had to stop and let her go back to having fun for a little while. For the rest of the afternoon she would only play with me on dry land but once we got in the pool I was the enemy. She did really well and totally grasps what she has to do.
As the kids played and played the sun beat down on them, every now and again one of the adults would yell "all kids out of the pool for sunscreen" and I would jump out of the pool and run in one direction and spray their little bodies down with sunscreen and then point them in another direction and head them off to Kelly and they would approach her with their chins in the air (and in some cases their eyes closed) as she applied it to their faces. It was a conveyor belt of sunscreen application and hilarious to watch. I think at one point there were 10 children and all of them were lined up.

Kelly chillin'
7 of the kids playing with noodles and water guns. The water guns didn't even make it home they ended up in the trash. We only had 2 and with all the kids playing with them they met with a speedy demise.
Jenny had a stressful morning and joined us later. Here is Danielle telling her she had a stressful time too cos that crazy woman was trying to drown her! She was so happy to see her Mummy and vice versa
Rosie Posie
The noodle girls

Julia and Lily
Rosie and jacob, playing Pirates
These to just make my heart all squidgy they are so sweet.
The swim queen, Danielle

Kellys daughter and Lily are a couple of months different in age and her son and Rosie are also just a month apart and they get on like a house on fire. As we walked back to the car Lily asked and then begged for me to let them come back to the house and stay for dinner. She really didn't need to beg cos I was more than fine with it.

I threw a quick dinner together and sat back in amazement as it all disappeared in front of my eyes. The kids were starving. Even Rosie ate like a horse. The second their plates were clean they went back to playing so kelly and I went back to talking.
Julia and Lily playing Mousetrap. Don't you just love how kids can play anywhere. Look at them they have barely taken the box out of the cupboard? It's not as if we don't have tables and chairs in this house.
I really have no idea what they were doing but I gave them these hats to wear and then they looked so darned cute I had to take this picture.

And then, as always happens, all good things must come to an end. After what was meant to be a short little playdate we managed to rack 8 and a 1/2 hours on the clock and it was time to say goodbye.

Today was, in my opinion, the kind of day that epitomizes summer vacation. Lots of kids, lots of friends and even more good times.


val said...

Sounds like lots of fun was had by all!

Maci Miller said...

What a wonderful time! I love days like that! Hope you are feeling much better now and the headaches are subsiding!


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