6 Jun 2011

Happy ~ 9th ~ BIrthday Lily

Our sweet and wonderful, sometimes sassy, always adventurous daughter, with a heart of gold turned 9 today.

I was in the shower this morning when the bathroom door crashed open and a sleep tousled girl announced, in a voice that only she can make that loud so early, "I'm NINE". It just made me smile.

This is what 9 looks like eating breakfast...note, she still has her bunny.

Oh yes you are, Miss Lily, you are NINE. Hope this year is filled with all the things you are dreaming of.

I was invited into her classroom today to share a cake with the class but keep that bit quiet cos it is against the schools rules. I told the office I was helping the teacher and with my ice cream cake, plates, spoons, camera and napkins hidden in a massive bag I signed in, received my volunteer pin and trotted off to her class.

Lily's class and teacher.
Blowing the candles
Such a crazy bunch
Mrs. Drachenberg allowed me to stay through the end of their math class

Lily presenting a math problem to the class.
I absolutly loved being in her classroom. I so wish we were allowed in during the year. Oh well.

Once we got home it was gift time and she was so excited. We hid her Kindle and made her find it by playing hot and cold. Rosie wasn't very good at the game and marched directly to it's location. We had to laugh cos she promised she wouldn't give anything away.

After a few minutes of frustration because she couldn't figure the Kindle out she loves, loves, loves it. She has been busy downloading games and books and showing us all the things it can do. We bought her the 3G and it really is rather spiffy. Girl loves to read and now she can read anywhere at anytime, her favourite books are all at her fingertips.
I have a funny video from earlier but U-tube is acting silly so I can't upload it. I will add later along with some more photos.

Happy birthday Lily. So glad you had 4 days of fun and celebrating.
To everyone that sent cards, phoned her and emailed, etc etc, thank you all very much. She appreciates all of it and feels extra special becausee of it.


val said...

Happy 9th Birthday Lily!

val said...

Happy 9th Birthday Lily!

Tammie said...

Happy 9 Lily!!


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