3 Jun 2011

Big tears at school today.

Today was Rosie's very last day at school and they were having a Luau.
Here she is ready to go.

By now you all know how Rosie feels about parties at school, right? I was 100% shocked to see her having fun and smiling the whole time. Bit ironic that she finally felt comfortable today..

Rosie and Victoria
Yum, lunch time
other end of the table
Rosie and "friend"
Look at that beaming smile.

There were however big tears. All the parents were crying when Ms. Maria started her good bye speech. We might have been OK if she hadn't started crying first. The class Mum tried to make a little speech when we gave Ms. Maria her gift but she was also overcome. The poor kids didn't know what to think as all their parents cried.

These pictures are pretty bad but it is hard to focus through tears. Ms. Maria receiving her gift.
This unbelievable lady bought every child a good bye gift. Not a cheesy gift either but each one got a beautiful puzzle or art set.

To think I was very upset when I went to open house. Hah, was I ever wrong. I couldn't have hand picked a kinder, sweeter, more energetic (and you know if I call someone energetic they must be really hyper) more dedicated teacher than this lady.

Thank you for every single thing you have done for my child this year. She has blossomed under your watchful eye and her Father and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

She sent each child off with a huge bag of work. She turned all of their work into books, books, can you believe it. We also all received about 100 photos that she has taken throughout the year.

I was unable to say good bye to her...it hurt to much to know this is the end. Instead I sent Rosie up to hug her and made a fast exit. I will phone her soon, we plan on staying in touch.


Briana's Mom said...

She sounds like the most amazing teacher!

Andie said...

So glad Rosie finished school on such a positive note. Hope her next teacher is as good.

Tammie said...

I am so glad that Rosie had a wonderful introduction to school. Her teacher has seemed to really get what Rosie is about. What a special person!

val said...

It takes a special person to be a teacher but she is a VERY special person!!!


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