2 Jun 2011


Tomorrow kicks off a weekend filled to the brim with birthday celebrations for Lily. She turns 9 on Monday.
I look at her and can still see that little tiny baby who we saw in a photo nearly 8 years ago but now I also see a big girl, a very big girl. Nine is a big deal, she is one birthday closer to hitting the double digits. Nine brings you more freedom and choices. Nine is just to plain big for my girl but that of course is my opinion and not hers.

Sometimes I still carry her up the stairs to bed and I wonder where on earth all the length came from. Her arms are long and her legs even longer. She sort of flails about in my arms as I just can't tuck her around me like I used to. She is still as stubborn as she was on day one and still has her wicked sense of humour. Her wit gets me every time. She is starting to giggle at certain words and it makes me smile.

My baby girl is growing up and fast. Her soul is still so old and wise and her heart enormous. She would give anything she owns to anybody that needs it. She can't stand selfish or mean people and really doesn't understand that people can be mean. I hope it stays that way. Her love for her family is gigantic and for that I will always be grateful.

She wanted a party at the roller skating rink so that is what she is getting. Her BFF's are spending the night tomorrow and then on Saturday we will have a party at the skating rink with some other friends from school as well.

To say she is excited is an understatement. If she can just get through school tomorrow she will be home free, an un-sleepover on Friday, (that's what I call them since the kids barely sleep), a party on Saturday. a get together on Sunday and then Monday is her actual birthday so she can have a cake at school and then a special dinner with us in the evening. Phew, that's quite a lot of celebrating. But to her, the bottom line is that she going to be 9. It's kind of the bottom line to me to.

How on earth can she possibly be N-I-N-E ?

Have a wonderful weekend, you happy go lucky, adventurous, silly, smart, beautiful girl, you.
I love you with all my heart and then some.


val said...

Nice post....sounds like a great weekend!

3D said...

Time flies! She is an amazing girl!

Happy Early Birthday!!!

Keep smilin!

Tammie said...

So hard to believe that our girls are going to be 9! I know what you mean about not being able to carry them up in just one arm & have them snuggled in all tight against your body. Where did all that time go!?

Somehow I believe that Lily will always have a big heart.


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