4 May 2011

Mothers Day breakfast

Rosie has been trying really hard not to tell me all about her special Mothers day breakfast that she was rehearsing for at school. She tried so hard not to sing her special little song in front of me and just kept saying, "it's a prise (surprise)". Yesterday I got to see for myself everything that she and her classmates have been working so hard on.
It was incredible. That Ms. Maria has raised the bar yet again and I am not sure that any other teacher will even come close to being like her. sigh.

First all the children gathered together and sang a song for us. I was so choked up that I couldn't see to turn on my video.

Now of course with Ro being Ro when the volume in the classroom increased so did her anxiety and as Ms Maria was reading out a little question and answer session that she had given to all the kids about their mummy's, Rosie looked like this.

Miss Maria asked them all the same questions and didn't change a word of their answers. We had to guess what answers were ours. These are Rosies.

I think my Mummy looks pretty when: She goes to birthday parties.
My Mummy's favourite thing to do is: I don't know.
I love my Mummy because: She never stops loving me.
That last answer made me cry. I think I was the only one who got teary eyed but this should surprise no one.

Then we were all handed lots of wonderful hand made gifts and card. I am saving mine for Sunday.
All proudly telling us about their Mummies
Enjoying a beautiful breakfast
Now there is that smile I love.
"friend" and Rosie

Everyday is Mothers Day to me, really it is. I love these girls all the way to the big blue sky, across to Grandpa's, over to China, up the Great Wall, back again and then some.


val said...

Oh my so cute...wonderful teacher!!!!

Tammie said...

Miss Maria is certainly an amazing teacher. She seems to really get Rosie.

Maci Miller said...

what a beautiful post! Happy happy Mother's day to one really great Momma!!! I love how Rosie answered the questions. So sweet. I would have cried, too!


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