24 Sep 2007

Getting Our Heads In The Game

Yesterday we, along with some friends, went to see High School Music*l on ice. Suffice to say that the kiddiewinkles had a great time. I have been singing, "gotta, gotta, gotta get your head in the game", like some crazed teenage sports jock ever since.

I really thought I had a few more years before Lily was got into this stuff but yet again it has been proved that I know nothing! She loves all the big kid stuff already. We don't even let her watch that much television but she just finds out about them anyway. Just 2 minutes ago Elmo ruled her world but now he is so passe.

At the end of the first act that we were all getting up and heading off to the bathrooms when Lily shrieked with delight and was shouting, "look, look", we turned around expecting to see one of the cast members back on the ice but instead we saw the Zamboni. Lily always gets really excited when she sees the Zamboni, I have no idea why. So we had to wait until he was done polishing the ice and then we were able to leave our seats.

Here are a few shots from the afternoon.
Lily's favourite bit!

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Lily was spellbound during most of the show and kept on nudging us if the skaters did any amazing moves and would say, "did you see that?"

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Lily and Co

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3D said...

Fun! I thought only teens like that HSM. Shows what I know. The gals in matching hats is too adorable...or should I say cool?

Gotta love that the zamboni is still the best part.

Keep smilin!

amy said...

How fun! My brother in law is 40 and gets to ride the zamboni and a Thrashers game this year..He is soooo excited

Janet said...

I know what you mean. Isabelle used to love Dora, but now she's for "little kids." Diego is the cool guy, now....I think that's so funny!

Polar Bear said...

I used to LOVE to watch the zamboni! When I was little I wanted to be a zamboni driver! LOL I am not kidding! Oh well - maybe in my next life.

I thought I had a good five six years with Elmo and Sponge Bob before I had to venture into High School musical. Well by the time Tori gets here it will probably be Retirement Home Musical so maybe she won't be very interested in that!! :)

Andie said...

I'm very embarrassed, but what's a zamboni??? Looks like fun anyway, especially that huge bag of cotton candy, Lily I hope you saved me some!

Dannye said...

gotta love the Zamboni, it is really cool to watch, that would be my highlight of the show too, hehe....I saw HSM on Disney Channel and it was on that part, and that song is addicting, great now I've gotta stuck in my head again...guess I'll have a new tune to sing in the shower...hehe

redmaryjanes said...

Man, that High School Musical is really turning into a huge deal! It's everywhere.

Nikki said...

I didn't know they did that show on ice too! My niece and nephew have all of the songs from both of them memorized and I have been known to sing along with 'em.

Glad Lily had such a fab time.

Dannye said...

oh BTW, you guys have been nominated on my blog, check it out when you get a chance...

Kris said...

I'm telling you, and you can see it in her beautiful eyes, that little girl is an old soul! Glad you guys had so much fun!

Steffie B. said...

What great pics ....love Miss Lily in her pink hat! lol


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