23 Aug 2007

Scared Silly

Most nights I am alone in the house as Jacob usually gets home very late. It doesn't bother me and I don't even give it a second thought. At the moment he is out of town so it is just the Lil and I night and day, nothing new there either and it doesn't faze me, well not ordinarily. For some stupid reason last night when I decided to go to bed I made my self all nervous. I don't remember how it began but I remember checking the locks before I went upstairs and then coming down again a few minutes later to check they were ALL locked again.
I peeked around the house in that childish, "I am all brave and nothing can scare me" kind of way and headed back upstairs. I checked on Lily again and headed to our room. Some noise scared the crap out of me and my heart started to beat out of my chest. I knew I was being utterly silly but I had passed the point of no return so I made a mad dash to Lilys room grabbed her out of her bed and flung her into bed with me and locked the door. Through all of that she didn't wake up. It took me forever to fall asleep cos I could hear at least 90 axe murderers creeping around the house. I apparently fell asleep at some point and was awoken this morning by a little voice saying, "Hey, how did I get in to your bed?" Then she lent over and gave me a kiss.

By the morning light everything seemed OK and all is well in Dawnsworld again.


3D said...

I understand!!! Sometimes I believe that Jason, Michael, Texas Chainsaw Dude, Freddy are all sitting in my house waiting to pounce on me. I am usually fine but sometimes my imagination gets carried away.

Dan's cousin is so afraid, when she is alone, she sleeps with her running shoes on (for a quick getaway) and makeup (to not look bad when filing a report w/ the police). Not kidding!

Keep smilin!

PIPO said...

Glad all is well.

I realized this morning that I fell asleep last night without setting any alarm or even locking the door. Clearly, I'm afraid of different things most days. I would sleep ona street in the middle of the inner city but you just TRY to put a spider near me.

amy said...

Oh I have been there and then your hear rate stays at 220 so you can never sleep

Nikki said...

Good for you for normally being brave...I would personally be a basket-case EVERYTIME I found myself alone in the house. We live in an old creaky, noise maker.

At least you had Lily to snuggle with...too cute.

Buckeyes & Eggrolls said...

Don't you just hate it when the willies get you. :-(

Kris said...

Love the very sweet ending to this long night... sorry you had that scare, but glad you awoke to Lily and her kisses.

Dannye said...

so by "Dawn's early light" all was alright???? I totally understand that...that is what happened that night the frog jumped on the window and scared the pee out of me!!!

Two Kayaks said...

Eek! I'm with Connie on this one. Last night, a cricket chased me into the house and I refused to go back onto the patio. I had nightmares.

aimeeg said...

I get like that sometimes too. It will be so random--a little noise, or a shadow I saw. Sometimes nothing brings it on, and I am just convinced there are crazy people hiding in my house ready to get me. I hate that feeling. Glad you had Lily with you.


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