14 Mar 2007

Out Of The Mouths Of Babes

Lily has a new passion, handstands. She can't quite do them yet but she is trying and trying with her usual zest. She does them everywhere and I am starting to fear for her noggin. I caught her throwing herself off of the couch in an attempt to stay upside down longer. (eeek this kid is so determined) So we have decided to enroll her in gymnastics and her and I went yesterday to check out a couple of schools. The first one was Tumblebees and I loved it and so did she but we just didn't want to sign her up at the first one we saw so we went to investigate another school that has been around for at least 20 years. Once we arrived a"O's" the first thing I noticed when we walked in was how incredibly dark it was and as my eyes were trying to focus I was hit by a really hideous odour. It smelt terrible in there. I was looking for an office or someone to help when Lily pipes up in her usual stage whisper, Mummy it stinks in here and they probably have cockroaches here to. Well that was loud enough for everyone to hear so we just made our way back out of the door PRONTO. I had to laugh 'cos it was really nasty in there and there was no way Lily was going to be attending that school.....not that they would have had her after that comment!
So Lily will be starting a gymnastics programme soon and will also be going there for a couple of weeks in the summer, along with horse riding camp. She also wants to go to swimming camp. That is what we used to call her swimming lessons. Lily has been able to swim since she was 18 months old but each year she gets a week of swimming lessons to refine her skills. This year she will refine her diving skills.......yet another eekk. But since she does all this stuff I want her to do it properly so that hopefully she has less chance of injuring herself and giving us a huge cardiac event.
I have asked the social worker what the code word was in our home study report that she used to say, "send them an active one" and she laughed. This time around I begged her to leave the code word out but only time will tell. In all honesty, both of us would rather have a bouncy active child than a shy, quiet one. The CCAA truly does match so perfectly.
I tried to post this yesterday but Blogger must have taken a vaction day. It still isn't being very cooperative today as I see I have 2 different fonts and I cannot change it and I have only used one....Oh well.


Beckyb said...

Fun story - I love how honest they are sometimes - NOT!!!! :) Gymnastics, how fun - has to beat hockey!!! I would like Chloe in gymnsastics someday too!!

Have a great day! And, yes, Blogger is being difficult!!

3D said...

Too cute! I agree that it is better to be active then a layabout. I wonder what the code word is for Tall one? I am sure they used that one for us!

Those camps sound great!

Keep smilin!

Rhonda said...

Oh geez, she's adorable! I could only imagine the look on your face when she said that.

Polar Bear said...

Doesn't it just seem like blogger is alive at times. It it like a spoiled child with a mind of its own!

Lily is so cute. I wish we could all say what we were 'really' thinking and not get in trouble for it. :)

I can't wait to see pictures from tumbling. That sounds like so much fun. You sure do have an active little one!

redmaryjanes said...

It sounds like she will love gymnastics. I sure did when I was a little girl.

Emmie said...

I think gymnastics will be great for her! What a little active one you've got!! Sounds like she sure will be keeing busy this summer!

aimeeg said...

So funny! I love the blatant honesty of kiddies:)

Gymnastics sounds right up her alley, and lots of other fun camps lined up.

PIPO said...

The antics of Lilly and her mama absolutely crack me up.

Stinky, stinky, phew, phew ;0)

Nikki said...

Love it! (They probably DID have cockroaches! It is a good thing you made a quick exit).

I plan to sign Lily up for gymnastics in the fall, too. We need to properly channel all this energy, right?!
She is constantly doing flips in the living room and about givin me a heart attack every time! (apparently our social worker knows the password, too!)

M and M said...

I love that kids just say what is on their mind (most of the time) - there is no editing!

Can't wait to see the gymnastics video clips!

Ann said...

She's an honest one, that little one. Hopefully the honesty is a trait she will carry her whole life. And gymnastics. I love tumbling!! Get ready, she's gonna be good at it because she has NO fear!!

I can't wait to see what personality type your next child has.

PIPO said...

Hey, God save that queen again! I lost your email...please drop me a line. I need some top secret info ;0)

Espionage, I tell ya ;0)

Steffie B. said...

Gymnastics sounds perfect for the little dare devil that you have! At least there will be padding underneath her when she knocks her noggin! ;)

Tammie said...

Oh goodness! Could you tell me what the code word is for "saucy girl?" If I didn't know better, I'd say Erin was a Hunan Spicy Girl. But no. She's just plain ole saucy. (And I wouldn't change her one bit.)

Gymnastics sounds like lots of fun. I have a feeling that Lily will benefit from it beautifully.


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