22 Mar 2007

Just A Glimpse

The other morning as I walked Lily into her school the teacher who always stands outside to greet the kiddies commented on how Lily is always laughing. She really does laugh all the time and she is not the only one. Here is a glimpse into my days with Lily and why I am always cracking up.

Today it has rained cats and dogs all day here and so she went to school in her raincoat and wellies and carried her matching umbrella. I told her that if it was raining when it was time to come home she must put her raincoat on and I would meet her with her brolly. I didn't dare let her keep that in school for fear of her using it as a sword or something. It was raining so I met her and handed her back her umbrella. She put it up and we walked to the car that was parked just across the street, (that took forever as she had to jump in all the puddles that we encountered en route). Once we were at the car I said, OK sweetie put your umbrella down, and with that I turned to unlock the car and out of the corner of my eye I see her brolly float by me into the street and attack a brand new Honda Accord that was still sporting it's temporary tag. I yelled to Lily to stay there and don't move and dove into traffic to retrieve said brolly before the driver of the brand spanking new set of wheels had a clue that he had been accosted. When I got back to the car I asked her what she was thinking and she just looked at me and said, you are the one that told me to put it down! Yepper I suppose I did but that wasn't what I meant dearie. Never tell a kid to put down there umbrella, to them that means put it on the floor! Hubby just informed me that I should have said, close your umbrella not put it down.....hmmm, now that makes sense.

Act 2. Tonight Lily asked if she could serve herself ice cream so I said of course. She stood on a chair at the island and scooped some into a bowl. Then she climbed down and somehow managed to flip the bowl over and it's contents landed on the chair seat. She looked momentarily panicked and said it's OK I can fix it and starts scooping it back in the bowl with her hands. I tried so hard to use my stern voice and say her name but it was all just so comical that I burst out laughing and we both ended up sitting on the kitchen floor in fits of giggles. And now even typing it I am cracking up!

You see I try to be stern but she is just so darned funny. Well not her but the things that she does. I love my funny girl with all my heart and she just gets better by the day and if you don't believe me ask her daddy.

Talking of Daddy's I can now say that mine is doing better. We spoke tonight again and he is feeling and looking (according to others) so much better. I finally breathed tonight for the first time since Sunday and I think Jeanne (his wife) might start breathing again soon. And he thanks everyone for their wishes. Lily made him a card and she put a little pocket on it and put a red heart in to it and told me that was for when Grandpa needed some Lily love. He said he would need a lot of that. See she is unbelievably sweet as well as comical.


Nikki said...

I enjoy every little glimpse that you give us of your little darlin!

Just remember Dawn...a lot of her goodness (humor and big heart) come from watching you and Jacob!

I Love your family, and am sooo happy to hear your dad is definitely feeling better. Very good news.

Polar Bear said...

Wellies?? I am guessing boots? I did figure out that a brolly was the umbrella. :)

What a sweet girl. I love how she sent Grandpa Lily Love. That is so sweet.

PIPO said...

I love hearing about your family. Ms. Lily is going to be quite the big sis. I can't wait to hear about THOSE antics.

Hooray for your dad!

M and M said...

That is just too funny!! I can just picture Lily putting the umbrella down and wondering what the problem was...LOL

I am glad that your father is feeling better.

3D said...

An easy spirit, a love of laughter and ingenuity...makings of a fine young lady. Lily sure has all those and more.

Keep smilin!

aimeeg said...

Lily sounds like so much fun! I know we will be the same way--trying to be stern and ending up laughing!

Glad your dad is doing better!

redmaryjanes said...

She has captured my heart! What a sweet little girl. I could just picture the umbrella floating away and you two laughing over spilt ice cream. But the Grandpa card just melted me.

Kris said...

I so love reading about your family... what a big heart Lily has...


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