30 May 2013

Stand clear of the doors....

.....and mind the gap.

The title has nothing to do with anything other than allowing me to segway into the gap comment.

The tooth fairy will be visiting again this evening, hence the word, gap. Lily finally lost another tooth. She has lost all of her teeth in bed at night, funny girl. Since they only ever get out of bed if something is wrong I knew when I heard her coming down the stairs that she had lost a tooth. It couldn't possibly be anything else as she had only been in bed for 4 minutes. Rosie didn't like to be left out so she was in close pursuit.

Once things were calm Rosie asked Lily, how do you pull out a tooth and Lily told her you just pull. With that Ro started to yank on all her teeth. Lily then added, they have to be loose first. Ro then looked deflated and merely said, Oh. I think in her head she was adding up some serious cash. Whacko.

Mind the gap.

She wanted a photo of it...believe me, it wasn't my idea.


likeschocolate said...

My 6 year old is contently checking to see if he has a lost tooth. He so desperately wants another one to fall out, so that the tooth fairy can come.

Valerie Emerle said...

Oh the thrill of the tooth fairy....fun days!


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