19 May 2013

queen of the road

Rosie and I were lounging about this morning reading books and playing a memory game, over and over when I decided that "now" was a good a time as ever to teach her to ride her bike. I had tried a few weeks back but she remained very wobbly and wasn't overly enthusiastic. I am enthusiastic so with all sorts of enthusiasm I chased her out of the house.

Our first attempt was tepid at best, our second, mediocre and after our third she took off for all of about 3 feet and stopped. She just didn't seem interested and certainly wasn't excited about the prospect. I came in the house and got a cold drink. Today was a bad idea, it was 86 degrees very early on. As we got back to the front door I said very firmly, follow your nose, whichever way your nose goes, your bike will go, so if you look over your shoulder to see if I am still holding you your nose will go behind you and your bike will follow it and YOU will fall. And pedal, pedal, pedal and don't stop pedalling. Your pedals are your engine. You are going to do this today so if I have to stay out until 6;00 o'clock tonight so be it I will but you are learning to ride your bike. ( I have been so compassionate this weekend, I bet I'll get Mother of the year again) She looked at me as if she was ready to cry so I slapped her helmet on the head and crawled back outside.

She got back on her bike. Stuck her cute little nose right out in front of her pedalled like a mad woman and took off down the street. Not unlike Forest Gump, she didn't stop for the rest of the day. That snippy 6:00 o'clock comment came back and bit me on the bum. I must have run 5 miles today with her. Not only did she learn to ride her bike but she mastered it. She starts by herself, stops, can ride in circles, rides over speed bumps, goes around little obstacles and generally tears up the neighbourhood. My mother used to say that ladies don't sweat, they glow, well as of today I can say, oh hell yes they do! Once I felt that she was confident enough I stopped running and went and got my bike and rode with her. The child that really couldn't careless about learning to ride didn't want to stop for one second. And the best part, the great big grin.

My name is Rosie and I can ride a 2 wheeler with no training wheels. 
Mummy, I've got it. I am riding a bike. I love how she sits so straight with her nose pointing forward.
and there she goes.....
I took this by mistake as I was running but I like it
cheesy grin
Even when she stopped she still smiled her 1000 watt smile
Learning to ride a bike deserves a celebratory cupcake.....with a candle.
We love to ride bikes so having her free of training wheels is so freeing for all of us. ( I should probably explain why she is wearing long trousers in such hot weather. When you learn to ride a bike you fall off all the time so I wanted to protect her knees a bit. Well guess what? She didn't fall off once. After I took these photos she went in the house and changed into shorts)

Lily did go to her meet today but I didn't go her dad took her.  I watched her every move from my phone and sent texts to congratulate her. She did OK but wasn't happy with her results. Apparently she likes me to take her. I know the ropes and know how to set her up. She is a little superstitious and I know what she wants when she wants it. She did bring home her LBS so that was good! She also returned the other one...all by myself Mummy. I kept your credit card hidden just like you told me and did exactly what you said, see mummy I can be responsible. Thank you for giving me a second chance and trusting me. You are welcome Pickle. Thank you for stepping up to the plate.  Oh and Lily, I like to take you, I like to be there for you and to watch you. But after yesterday it just wasn't fair on your sister.


Love Letters To China said...

As I'm reading some of your posts (I'm a bit behind) I really have to tell you how amazing you are as a mom. You really are teaching your girls the right way to handle situations that life brings. My hat off to you for doing such an awesome job. I hope I am half as good a mom as you are my friend. :-)


likeschocolate said...

Way to go Rosie! Roman still can't ride his bike without training wheels. That is one of our summer goals. Have a great week!

Valerie Emerle said...

Way to go Forrest..I mean Rosie! Love that grin!

Alyson and Ford said...

Congratulations Rosie! Have fun riding with the wind!

Alyzabeth's Mommy

Vivian M said...

So proud of Rosie!


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