18 May 2013

Feel free to leave

You are not expected to stick around and read yet another freaking post about a swim meet. I'm the Mother it's my job to write it all down and document it with a few photos here and there and tell you how well she did and how she loved it.

I am supposed to skip the part about how god forsakingly hot it was today and I definitely shouldn't mention how she lost her ridiculously expensive competition suit because after she got changed she just dumped it on the table. No, I won't tell you how she did that and how I nearly went postal on her for it. Actually I might, I'll use it as bribery to make you stick it out to the end of the post to see if I spill the beans.

Today was a long course meet and only the second one she has ever done. She started with an IM which is something that a lot of swimmers seem to dislike but Lily really loves them and usually does really well in them. She did well in this one and won her heat by more than half a pool length. She went on to win all of her heats but didn't place anywhere. Her best was a 9th. She knew that this was going to be a tough one due to her arm but she wanted to do it anyway. Kid loves her a meet. Since I am no longer a novice swim mum I don't write all her times down anymore, they are all on an app on my phone...who knew. I punch in her name and BAM, every time, every course, every stroke and her ranking. I used to scribble everything down on her heat sheets.

This was a chase swim so I was able to get close to both ends of the pool and still get photos...cool.
I just like scoreboards ?
Swimmers take your marks....not as much fun as gentlemen start your engines but whatever.
And she is off
her impression of a shark, perhaps
a few minutes of fun with friends.
If I've got the camera then there is going to be a fly shot!
LOVE LOVE LOVE that splash action. It's almost arced
It was so hot that Rosie and Lily's friends brother are showing signs of wilting here. 
She looks so beefy here.
Lily looked at this photo and was appalled at how bad her dive was but I looked at this photo and loved the colour of the sky. The weather changed really fast. We got caught in a really bad storm driving home (twice)
Changed and ready to leave.....I wonder where that bathing suit is?
why yes that is a Miami Heat shirt she is wearing and not her Flying Fish one...sometimes a girls just gotta do what a girls gotta do! Go Heat.
That LBS (little black suit) is one expensive suit, well not in the scheme of big time swim meets but it cost nearly as much as a month of fees. I don't mind at all. It is skin tight, she loves it, she swims like a rocket in it and it is required by her team for meets....but not everyone appears to have them, cough cough. She loves her LBS and so does Rosie love hers. She went off to the changing room after her last heat and changed. While she changed I packed up the stuff, and lordy knows there is a lot of stuff. I picked up her goggles and team cap and threw them in a baggie and put them in the bag. When she returned she sat and talked for a a few minutes and then I closed up the bags and we headed home. Coral Springs is about 50 minutes from us but this afternoon it took a bit longer due to the storm. Once home we started unpacking. We have a routine and as we were following it, it became obvious that LBS wasn't with us. She hummed and hawed and blamed me, well tried to. I went nucking futs and called the complex, no LBS. I calmly and sweetly threw them both back in the car and tore back up to Coral Springs, oh so happily in another rain storm. I screeched to a halt in front of the complex and told her not to return without it. She came back empty handed. I then slammed the car into a parking space and we went to look together. No LBS. #%*@ !

Lost and found didn't have it either. Since she has to swim again tomorrow we stopped in the team store and picked up a plain black competition suit for a few million dollars, which I oh so motherly told her she WOULD be paying for herself, and drove back home again in yet another storm. fun times.

As we were nearly home I received a text. Since I don't text and drive I asked Lily to read it. It was from her Coach: Lily, D's mum has your suit, she will bring it to the meet tomorrow. Swim Fast, Coach.

Lucky little Devil.

Her bags are packed, minus LBS. The new suit is still in the bag with the receipt attached firmly to it. Her snacks, drinks and lunch are ready to go. I hope it doesn't rain for the drive up there at 6am!

Swim fast little one and more importantly be responsible.


likeschocolate said...

I can imagine how hot it was yesterday because it was so sticky here in Atlanta. I need to go shop for some summer wear because I was dying. Hope she does well in her meet.

Valerie Emerle said...

I fell off my chair at "nucking futs"....you are too funny!! Then laughed even harder about the text. You remind me so much of myself that I could just picture the whole situation perfectly!

One Happy Mama said...

Glad the suit was recovered! I would have lost it too! :) ~nancy

Vivian M said...

Swim fast Lily! Glad your suit was found, hopefully Mum went easy on you. ;o)


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