9 Mar 2013

Snow White and the 7 Robots

Lily and Rosie have an absolutely amazing art teacher. He doesn't just teach art at school he is also a local artist and a really good one. He doesn't limit himself to art but includes "the arts". Way back before Christmas Lily came home from school and said that Mr. T was putting on a play that he wrote and auditions were on such and such a date and she wanted to go. Fine with me.

Not much else was said for weeks and weeks and then she announced she was a narrator and then she was 2 of the narrators and then, quite recently she was the only narrator. Rehearsals were kicked up a notch and the last 2 weeks have been quite intense. I stopped by one afternoon and Mr. T, who is as laid back as they come, looked to be 2 heart beats away from a heart attack.

It all fell into place as it always does and last night was the big night. Rosie and I went early to help the kids get into costume and help with hair and make-up. They were all so excited and hyper...egads were they hyper. The teachers were so stressed. Suddenly it was show time. Rosie and I took our seats and all Mr, T's hard work paid off.

Instead of Snow White and the 7 dwarfs this was snow white and the 7 robots. It was hilarious. It kept to the original idea but he made it fit into our lives and times and even added King Mango. . The costumes were all from the original Snow White period though. Even Rosie was able to catch some of the humour. No one was able to keep a straight face.

My camera hates the covered patio at Lily's school. At one point I had played with the settings on it so much that it froze

all dressed and ready to go on stage. We just happened to have this dress in our dressing up box.
photo op before the play for the year book. The little girl in purple wa snow white. AMAZING.
The fabulous Mr. T. (remember when we went camping?)
Sound Check
4 of the 7 Robots. These kids were so good
evil step mum
End of the play. Lily is hidden.

This was the first time in 12 years that Lily's school has done a play. The did a great job and I hope they are allowed to do many more. The kids were amazing and some of them had so many lines to learn and they did, I have no idea how. The little girl who played Snow White was fabulous and such a great actress. Rosie had a great time and I think when her time comes she really might like to get involved. They put on 2 performances last night one right after the other. Rosie and I ran backstage in between to see what the kids needed but they were raring to go.

 Bravo kiddies, bravo.


 On a side note I have to say that I have never seen such an appalling group of parents in my life. (oopps here I go again being outspoken, you'd think I'd learn) Before the play started the school principal asked that everyone remained seated, silenced their cellphones, and remained quiet through the entire performance. None of that happened. It was really disrespectful how they talked, walked around, and chatted on their phones, really! And these people are raising the next generation. We should be very scared. You are parents, parent your children, it is YOUR JOB!


Anonymous said...

Ab. Fab.....Am in. BB.xxx

Briana's Mom said...

Lily looked so pretty! Sounds like a great play!

I agree about parenting. No one seems to really know how to do it anymore. It is so sad!

Valerie Emerle said...

Mr T sounds like an amazing guy & LiLy looks beautiful. School plays are so so great.....we never miss the ones at our local high school.

As for the "rude" people....what could be so important that you can't turn your phone off for an hour or two? I personally think it's an ego problem as in "Look at me! I'm so important!"


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