8 Mar 2013

It's come down to this.

thank you to everyone that has offered support over the past few days. I really really hate that I have had to go undergroud with the blog. 7+ years of writing and it has never been an issue. What country are we living in?

I might have cut a few people out by closing it so soon but the fall out from that post has been absurd and the backlash even to Lily has been ridiculous. All the kids were photographed wearing their medals and posted on the team page, all of them, except her. Pretty petty huh? Since I have access to the page I nearly did it myself but chose to rise above.

Moving forward from this post on.

Lily is in her school play tonight. Due to all her swimming commitments over the past 2 weeks she chose to be the narrator as opposed to having a part with lines. Kind of nutty as she has more lines than anyone. That's Lily logic at it's finest!


Vivian M said...

Um, that's not petty, that is discrimination!

I am so sorry you had to go private with your blog. :o(

Lily: you are awesome. Have fun with the narration! And don't let foolish, immature grown ups ruin your fun or dreams - you go out there and show them just how great you are and do your best.

Glinda said...

Thank you for the invitation; the air is much fresher on the high road anyway :)

Polar Bear said...

Oh Wow!! That's all I can say due to this being a family blog. ;-)

Have a wonderful night!! Lily you are AWESOME!!

Anonymous said...

I am in thanks dawn.BB.xxxx

Catherine said...

Have a great evening Lily! You're a hard working girl!!

Valerie Emerle said...

Like you said before what kind of a country is this.....that is lower than low!!!


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