20 Feb 2013


It was so cold here on Sunday. No, really it was. The temperature dropped nearly 40 degrees overnight and a few miles inland from us had frost. Considering it was nearly 80 on Saturday at the swim meet, that is crazy.

Do I need to tell you how much we loved it? No I didn't think so. Do I need to tell you that we spent nearly every waking second outside? Again, no.We went to the park, the only park around here with a hill and flew kites. We forgot to take our gloves so our hands were freezing, really really freezing. The sun was shining so brightly but it offered no heat.

Lily, all bundled up with her hand in her pocket, trying to keep it warm
My little fashionista
I love her face here. She is so excited that she got her kite flying by herself. It was so windy I'm surprised she wasn't airborne
Bundled against the cold

After lunch the girls decided they wanted to go out again and we headed to a different park, this time they rode their scooters to it.
Such happy faces
Monkey. Swimming has really given this child the conditioning and strengthening that she needed
Basking in the sun....upside down
When did she get so grown up?
We couldn't stop laughing she couldn't get her coat on and was going round and round in circles like a dog chasing her tail.

This is the face of a child on a mission. Lily and I had walked on instead of waiting and she was coming at us, full steam.
When we saw this expression we couldn't stop laughing. Rosie doesn't like to ever feel left behind, not for 3 seconds.

The weather is back to the usual balmy SoFl stuff. We loved the winter (day) that we had and wished it was longer. I don't think we will get anymore chilly days now but there is always next year.


Vivian M said...

I remember when I lived in Florida I thought 40 was freezing too. Now that I have acclimated, 40 is t-shirt weather! (To give you an idea, it is 25 degrees here and hubby said it was not that cold out).
Glad you enjoyed the chilliness, and feel free to come visit and see some snow and experience some real chilly weather!

Anonymous said...

ex spouse means a person who was formerly a spouse. It has come to be associated with divorce but it is not just about divorce.

val said...

Apparently bundling up has two different meanings..

Your version - putting on a coat!

My version - wearing cuddle-dud undies, turtle neck, sweater, fleece jacket, down coat that's just the top half! Fleece lined tights, corduroy pants, two pairs of sox, a pair of gloves with mittens over them,ear warmers, wool hat & both hoods over that. By then have usually burned up enough calories getting dressed there's no reason to walk!!!!

Oh forgot yes there is.......that big, black furry dog that lives in our house!

Alyson and Ford said...

We were on a golf course with a brisk wind last Sunday. We were cold too! Glad you made the best of it and flew a kite! We need to do that too!

Alyzabeth's Mommy

Briana's Mom said...

I remember those days in Florida when I was SO excited for a chilly day! It would pull out the long sleeves and get so excited! LOL!

So glad you and your beautiful girls had a great day. :)


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