20 Feb 2013

Growing like a weed

Just over five years ago a little tiny girl called Nan Qi Min lived in an orphanage in China and spent her days dreaming of a forever family whilst at the same time on the other side of the world her big sister Lily dreamt of having a baby sister. When the universe aligned the two were bought together, forever.

Nan Qi Min and her nanny

Five years ago today in a very cold room in the Civil Affairs Office of Guandong Province PRC I held a very very tiny 12 month old baby girl with a heart condition for the first time. My life would never be the same again, nor thank goodness would hers. She was scared, unhappy but oh so loved. Loved from deep inside my heart. That love has continued to grow and will continue to grow, daily.

Nan Qi Min.
Lily is looking at her with a face that says, Whoa, just my luck this kid can scream.

One year later she was no longer a little girl with a heart condition, she was cured and she was just Rosie. She was still very shy and timid but her confidence was growing and she was a cheeky little imp.Rosie continued to grow and get braver. She still wasn't ready to take on the world but she knew if she had her family her life would be ok. She never ever wanted to be more than a few centimetres away from her family though.
Rosie Qi Min Cope.....getting stronger by the day.
Family day 2009
and as each anniversary of Rosies forever day passed she grew and grew. some might even say she grew sillier and sillier. We say that is how we know she was meant to be part of this family
Family day 2010

Family day 2011. Another crazy Rosie face.
Still carrying her security blanket wherever she goes.

Last year she had finally laid her demons to rest and so we dragged out her Gotcha day outfit and squished her back into it for a commemorative photo op. It was a tad on the tight side. Just a smidge. 

Family day 2012


Now 5 whole years have passed since that frail, sweaty little body was placed in my arms, screaming. Her confidence has reached new heights and I thank her kindergarten teacher and her swim coaches for it. She realises that people other than me are kind and it is OK to be more that 3 cm away from me as no one is going to hurt her and that she will be returned to me. She still worries about what ever she can think of, she still frets about life in general but my little girl is growing up and isn't afraid of her own shadow anymore.

 Rosie, you are an original, a one of a kind, I love you to the great big sky and far beyond it. You make me laugh with all your little quirks and your wicked sense of humour. I just don't think I could be happier that I am today until I get to tomorrow and then I wonder how I can be happier than I am right now and you show me that I can be.You are as loyal as any junk yard dog and a fierce protector of your family. Thank you for making my heart whole.


likeschocolate said...

Look how cute she is ! So so cute! What was her condition? I have two heart babies hear at my house!

Anonymous said...

dawn..that made my cry...a beautiful story and of course the same for lovely Lilly too. Love you.bbxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

val said...

Pass the kleenex.
Rosie....I love watching you grow up & especially watching your confidence grow!

kitchu said...

she has grown into such a beautiful little girl. happy family day, a day late :)

Briana's Mom said...

So incredibly sweet. Happy Rosie Day.

Vivian M said...

Happy Rosie day!!

One Happy Mama said...

Ha! I have a similar story. Jasmine was the same. She cried and cried for days. Jade with her 3.5 yo wisdom said, she not happy, you're not happy, I'm not happy! But like you all, we are all happy now! Happy Family Day! ~Nancy


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