3 Feb 2013

Looks who's six

My baby is six. I can't actually bring myself to say it out loud, I am just whispering the word in a way reminiscent of how old ladies used to say the word, sex. It just seems so very very big to me. She is still so tiny so I think it might be a mistake, an accounting mistake, yes that must be it.

Just in case it isn't a mistake I did my annual pre-birthday interview with her last night. Even she seems a little surprised that she is not going to be five anymore, weird little wonder that she is.

 I like to allow the girls to have their birthdays their way. If they want cake for breakfast then they get cake for breakfast. The rest of the year I am a bit of a drill Sergeant and since I DO NOT throw enormous birthday parties that cost as much as a wedding for them I allow frivolous behaviour. She even chose everyone clothes, that was scary. Thank heavens I don't have any orange shirts!Rosie being Rosie had her usual breakfast albeit surrounded by balloons and Happy Birthday banners and wanted to go to Miami Children's Museum for the day.  So we did, right after she opened her prizes.

One of my favourite photos ever of Rosie. I just caught her as she came down the slide as you enter the museum and she was so happy.
Lily caught a fish
Rosei captained a boat
Even the seahorses wore orange in honour of her birthday
A quick visit to the dentist
Thems so large choppers.
Got milk?
Grocery shopping at Publix
EMS workers
Rowing her boat
Climbing the rock wall, the tiny one
That's a big hat, Lilipop
Lily took on the monster wall, and won
Lily thought it was hilarious that the bear was so big
Getting her groove on in the recording studio. She had me is stitches.
A birthday tiara compliments of the art deptartment
Let them eat cake.
Cutting destroying her cake
Lego was her wish. Look at all the pretty colours it comes in now. Oh and when did Lego come in a Winnebago and trailer set complete with a BBQ and bicycle. It's very cool.

Happy birthday sweet girl. I love you to the moon and back. You are such a funny little one and make us laugh all the time. You have this strong need to please and are always checking to make sure I am OK. You are my girl and if I am there you are fine. You will take Lily as a close second but other than that you are not interested. Recently you have come into your own, thank goodness and have even been known to put people in there places. Swimming is the best thing that has happened to you and lucky for us you love it. Your confidence is starting to soar and I know that you are going places. You have a very compassionate side and get upset with anything that you construe as an injustice. School is another favourite place of yours and thankfully it is making sense. It was hard for at first to make any sense out of readiing but recently that has changed. You think math is the easiest subject ever and breeze your way through, just like your sister. Talking of Lily you truly do think the sun rises and sets on her.
I know this year will fly right by, they all do and I my wish for you is that it brings you all your hopes and dreams.
Love Mama.


likeschocolate said...

What a sweet letter to your daughter! Happy Birthday Rosie ! Thanks for answering me on my Orlando question. Kelleyn

val said...

Happy Birthday Rosie! I will tell you what I am going to tell LiLi....."You need to stop now. That is enough growing up!"

val said...

BTW Dawn.....you are getting to be quite the baker! I am very impressed with that cake!

Johnny said...

Happy Birthday to your little girl.

Mari said...

Happy Birthday my princess! You are totally going to ROCK number 6! I love you so much!
Dawn... once again, amazing! You are such an amazing mom! You take my breath away each and every time.
Luv u mucho too!! <3

Tammie said...

Happy 6 Rosie girl!! You are going to wow us all!!


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