2 Feb 2013

And we didn't even have to get up early.

We seem to be attending a whole lot more swim meets this year than we did last year! I swear there weren't this many 12 months ago. I realised about an hour ago that there were of course this many but Lily just wasn't good enough to participate in them. Oh how things have changed. And lest we should forget I now have 2, count them, 2, that are competing.

Todays meet was late, warm-ups started at 11.a.m..  Pretty cushy if you ask me. We rolled out of bed late and took things at a nice weekend pace which on the day of a meet is unheard of.

Lily swam in 4 events. She is getting very serious about things now as try outs for Junior Olympics are coming and she needs to make JO times and being the competitive soul that she is she is pushing pushing pushing. She didn't make any JO times today but she is getting close and he coach is telling her to be patient. Hah, good luck with that you just might want to talk to to a fork.

100 yard back                   Today     1.32.38 kidlet detests backstroke and hasn't competed before
50 yard breast                  old time      49.04             today     46.10
100 yard fly                      old time   1.40.15             today  1.35.00
50 yard free                      old time      37.65             today     36.05

All her times improved but for her they weren't good enough, insert large GROAN from me. She was really happy with her backstroke and placed 4th overall. FOURTH, that is freaking amazing.  She has only been swimming for just over a year. I just went to check the official times and they still aren't posted so I am not sure how she did overall but as far as I am concerned she is improving so what more can she ask for???? In a sport where hundredths of a second count and make the difference between first and second place and this kid is knocking 5 seconds off of her times in 6 weeks...what more can we say to her.

The crazy Fish getting prepped and Pepped
Rosie, the Mascot.
Jade and Jodi. The best part of swimming. Jade is a fabulous swimmer and watched Lily with me today and gave so much feedback to her it was great. She also pointed out things to me that I would never have noticed. Love that girl.
Concentration x 10.000
And that's how you FLY
She explained to me today that she learned a new technique last night and implemented it today and she is convinced that that is what help shave those 5 seconds off. 
She has some pretty big meets coming up and i know she is going to be pushing herself. I can downplay them until the cows come home but it's that old type A personality that kicks it up a notch.

 I'm very proud of you kidlet. Reach for the stars because nothing is to far away.

Oh and I went to my first coaches meeting today. A few months back coach Andrew asked if I would be interested in becoming an official and I agreed. After all the tests, background checks etc, I am finally done. Today was my first meet in this new position and when the officials called for a rep from all the teams he sent me. GAH! I'm going to be stuck at the pool for a while by the looks of things so I might as well do something useful while I am there.


Trish said...

Your girls are just AMAZING!!

val said...

Please tell Lily it may seem like "baby steps" but that's what will get her there. Also another of my favs - Always shoot for the moon...if you miss you will land among the stars!

Oh & good luck with that coaching job!

Anonymous said...

Very proud of my little (er not so little) niece, well done you. CAS


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