21 Jan 2013

Teeth, everywhere.

Last night as I was inspecting Rosies teeth after she had brushed and flossed I spied the crown of a tooth at the very back of her mouth. I knew she would be so excited so before I said anything to her I took her into my bathroom, planted her firmly in front of my huge mirror and told her to open wide. I ran my finger to the very back of her mouth and then showed her where to look.

Oh my! Rosie nearly had a fit she was so happy. She really can't believe she is getting big girl teeth. Nah, me either.

Lily didn't get one 6 year molar until she was 7, Rosie doesn't turn 6 for a few more weeks.

Lily wasn't at all impressed. She is convinced Rosie is going to be taller than her. I offered her some reassurance and went back to celebrating the occasion with Ro. Kidlet doesn't have enough room in the mouth for the teeth she already has so the 2 at the front that are wobbley better leave soon.

Gah, my baby is getting so big.


Tammie said...

Wow! Rosie is sure making up for lost time! I'm not sure when Erin got those big girl molars however, we have been told that she doesn't have wisdom teeth. Poor kiddo.

Luciana said...

Oh no! I refuse for them to grow so fast. I was telling Luis the other day that in just five years our baby will be a big girl. She will be 8! Almost nine. It's hard to think about it.
Rosie, no more teeth for you for a while, ok? xo

Vivian M said...

Wow, this happened to Kerri and now she is seeing an orthodontist and had to have teeth pulled ahead of time to make room, ugh. Hope Rosie grows into her teeth so you can avoid the extra $$$$!

likeschocolate said...

So bittersweet! Can't they just stay babies!


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