21 Dec 2012

Swimming bling

Last night at swimming the awards were given out for the last swim meet. Little Miss Rosie earned some bling in every single event. Not only did she do really well in her heats but she actually did well overall in the 6 and under group.

In what might possibly the worst phone photos ever, I give you Rosie and her swim bling.
The purple one is 2nd place for backstroke.
Look at her she's got more decorations than the Christmas tree.
4th place freestyle and 5th place fly!
It is amazing how much swimming is building her confidence. This is just not the same child, at all.


Polar Bear said...

Beyond AWESOME!!! I'm so happy for Rosie! Congratulations!!!! What a cute lil' fish!!!!

val said...

Way to go Rosie! Love your bling!

Catherine said...

Way to go Rosie! Cannot believe she's strong enough for Fly already! That's amazing!!


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