22 Dec 2012

Normans antics

Norman is no slouch. He comes and goes to the North Pole each night and immediately gets down to business upon his re-entry into the house.
This particular day Rosie was heard quite clearly stating that Norman obviously wants to be a girl. LOL

I have no idea how to photograph a mirror. Norman drew his likeness on a mirror and left a few messages
He sat there all day with his dry erase marker
Movie night
Tonight he is going to really surprise the girls and then I hope to be able to stow him away in my bag so that he can accompany us on our trip just in case we get stuck.


Love Letters To China said...

I'm sure you and the girls are going to have a fabulous time. Stay warm and dry. It's such a magical place this time of year.

Safe travels... xoxo

val said...

Dawn....sorry to disappoint but even though we had snow flurries all day unfortunately none of it stuck to the ground. Bring your snuggies cus it's getting mighty cold!!!


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