4 Nov 2012

More fun with the crazy Auntie and Uncle

Thankfully the clocks changed last night so we all got to sleep a little longer and then we hopped into the car and went to Naples for the day. Gosh I love it over there and so do the girls so we couldn't imagine a better place to take Sally and Andy.

WE were right, they loved it too. I even managed to drive directly to the correct beach without even turning the GPS on. If you know me at all you will know that is huge.

beach bum
The water was FREEZING and I have no idea how Rosie managed to stay in it
Sally thinks water is for other people
Bucket head
Also buried
A girl on a rock
After we frolicked on the beach for a few hours we headed to Naples Peer where we saw dolphin swimming and saw loads of fisherman and Rosie kept asking if she could have a turn but no one said yes to her requests.

Crazy bunch of people
My little family
If you look closely at this pelican you can see that he is all caught up in fishing line....this is so WRONG.
On the move again. Our time was limited so we had to keep moving. Next up was 5th street and a trip to Kilwins. Luckily for us Uncle Andy loves ice cream as much as the girls and I do.
OF course you can't tell by this face that he loves ice cream LOL
Every time we go to Naples Rose has to get her photo with this statue.
We ended another perfect day with dinner at a steakhouse, Andys choice and then drove home back across the state. My gosh that is a dark and desolate drive. Just to make it special we actually got to see a Panther. Unfortunately at the same time it appeared I was being blinded by a motorcycle coming in the opposite direction so I wasn't able to get a really good look at it but I saw it, fleetingly. It still counts! What a fantastic day. We pulled into the driveway at 8.20 and the girls were bathed and in bed by 8.37. Perhaps bathed is an exaggeration but they did get in the bathtub.


val said...

Sounds like a fun day......where was Sally's ice cream?

Vivian M said...

Fun!!! You sure know how to pack in an awful lot in a short time. :o)


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