23 Nov 2012

A much easier approach

Last year as many people snored in their beds I snuck out of my house and hit the stores in the middle of the night, 1:am actually, for some Black Friday shopping. I was going to do it again if anything grabbed my attention in the newspaper. My friend Kelly is in town and she was begging and hoping that something would leap out of the pages of the paper that I had to get. Well whaddaya know? It did but then so did the words, "available online".

I decided that if I was able to get the things online that the shipping costs would negate the sales prices so what would be the point. At about midnight I toddled over to my computer and checked it all out. BINGO. Free shipping. One of these, 2 of these, matching these, next store, ditto and done.

As much as I enjoyed my little midnight adventure last year it was really creepy walking in the parking lot. I have ever mentioned I am so scared of the dark!

All that is left are couple of shops that I will head to tomorrow for, Small Business Saturday.

Arthur, the mailman, is going to be making many stops here in the next few weeks.

**** I just made a madcap run to Target and the place was deserted. I don't know if everyone was there in the middle of the night but it was empty at 10.30. We also stopped at Pier 1 and that was also nice and calm. Both car parks were very easy to find spaces in. What's going on?


Vivian M said...

I think some extra sleep, not using gas, or risking getting mugged is worth any shipping costs anyway! Congrats on finding good deals!

val said...

I'm with you on this.......online is the only way to shop. I got the best Black Friday deal on Thanksgiving am! Even better it was a pressie for me!

Tammie said...

I'm with all of you gals! We do all of our Black Friday shopping online - right from the comfort of oAnur couch while sipping coffee & in my jammies to boot.

In fact, last night David told me about a great sale from the model place he loves. Me? I decided on my final Chanukah splurge - a pretty new camera bag.

Again, all from my couch. Yup. Love Black Friday sales.


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