22 Oct 2012

Pumpkin Patch

Yesterday I woke up and just felt like I had been hit by a bus.I can't say that anything was wrong, I just felt yucky. I knew I was going to have to suck it up as we were meeting our local FCC group at the Pumpkin Patch. I think I was more excited about it than the girls were. Lori had found a farmers market that had a pumpkin patch, a corn maze, hay rides, caramel apples and a plethora of other fall treats. I have never been to a corn maze but have seen them on T.V. and could not wait to take the girls, I also knew they would love the hay ride. So suck it up I did and off we headed north, for an hour.

First thing yesterday morning the temperatures were in the high 70's and it was beautiful but by lunchtime they were back into the mid to high 80's and it was HOT. I let the GPS guide me to the farmers market and once we turned off of the main highway we were in the  middle of nowhere. All of a sudden I see cars everywhere and flashing blue and red lights. Apparently the world and his brother had decided to go to the farmers market and the cops were directing the cars in an out. The place was mobbed. We parked the car in the street and walked in and as luck would have it we found our group in the crowd of people instantly. The girls were very excited to see their friends. Due to the mob scene we decided we needed to move the troops immediately and start covering some ground.

First up, the hayride. I spent a whole lot of time explaining a hay ride to Rosie. I told her how she would be sitting in a trailer on a big pile of hay and that we would be pulled by a tractor, etc etc. WRONG! No hay to be seen anywhere at all. After a few minutes of riding around a soon to be U pick 'em, field sitting on a seat in a trailer, Rosie lent over to me and whispered, "is it okay if I'm not having any fun?" I couldn't help but laugh. She said it was a little bit of fun but she thought she would be jostling around in a trailer full of hay. Me too little Pickle, me too.
Little pumpkins ready to head out on the hayride
Lily and E_Man. He is such a sweet guy.
While the kiddies waited for the trailer to pull up they were able to play in the bouncy castles and with other stuff.

Rosie pumping water to race her duck
getting a little help from her friend
Lily found the ducks a bit dull but the rock wall awesome
A troubling trio.
Since the hayride was a bit of a bust I couldn't wait for the corn maze. Marc, Lori and I all walked in together. Lori and I kind of stopped and stared. Aren't mazes tall and blind? Not in Fl apparently. It had been virtually trampeled. Oh well, never mind. THe kids took off and made fun of it and Marc cracked really bad jokes that made Lily giggle and we walked around and posed for photos and left. Strike 2. Now for sure we are really laughing only I am starting to feel really ill so it is getting harder and harder for fake it. Lily is catching on to the fact that I feel ill so I am trying really hard to be cheerful. Neexxxxt, the pumpkin patch. Nothing could be wrong with the pumpkin patch right? I mean it's just a pumpkin patch. Well unless they have sold out or nearly sold out. Oh what the heck.

And that was all that was left of the group by the time we got to the pumpkin patch. 
WE headed into the farmers market for a minute and bought a cold drink, then I bought the girls a caramel apple before heading back to the car where I blasted the A/C and hoped I would survive the hour+ drive home. I still feel like yuck today. I think I am fighting off whatever it was that Lily had. I was tempted to gulp down some of her anti nausea meds but I didn't. I have no energy at all and I don't like it one bit. I have to have energy. it's my trademark and it pisses everyone off! If you are down in this neck of the woods and a week before Halloweenie you decide to head to Bedners to go on a hayride and to the corn maze, DON"T. Stick to the tiny church run pumpkin patches, you won't be disappointed.


Love Letters To China said...

Dawn I hope you feel better. I was planning on going, but Mark has been sick and thought it would be better to stay home. I guess I made the right decision! ;-)

It would have been nice to see you and the girls. Hopefully we'll have another reason to get together before the end of the year.


val said...

Dawn....I hope you are feeling better!
Next time you feel like doing corn mazes, hayrides & "fall" things right would you please really head north!!!
Not just an hour....... several hours where they know how to do fall the right way!


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