20 Oct 2012

First meet

Rosie had her first swim meet. It wasn't a "real" meet just a friendly one. The coaches do these to get the kids used to what happens at a meet but more importantly so that they can see what they need to work on with them. So many things can get you disqualified at meet that the coaches start working on the kids now so that it doesn't happen......hopefully. Between you and me, I don't think Rosie stands a cat in hells chance. Seriously, she'll never remember all the rules, I can't even remember all the rules. Touch with one hand for this stroke, 2 hands for this stroke, don't turn over on backstroke until blah blah blah, make sure that, blah blah blah. Who remembers all of this? The coaches do and they drill it into the swimmers in a way that is fun.

After her initial Rosie panic attack she loved it the meet which is good because she has another next week. The under 6's only swam 2 strokes and they got their first official times.
Freestyle 34.08
Backstroke 41.08 (I think she may have stopped and asked for directions ) Kidding people, kidding.
I am not the braggy type but in her defense I have to say the child does really well considering she is half the size of 90% of her team mates and she holds her own.

Rosie in the left lane
Rose in the land of the GIANTS. 
participation ribbon. Hmmm, her little cheeks look chipmunkish here? 
See the flags above the pool? I thought they were just there to look pretty and thought that it was nice that they got replaced the other day for new ones. Not so. They are back stroke flags. Don't ask me what that means cos I haven't got a clue, I'll ask one of my kids but it has something to do with not banging your head. On an unrelated note: a small tinge of pink was spotted in Lily's cheeks late this afternoon so I am hopeful that she is turning the corner. She says that the pains in her stomach now measure a 1 on a scale of 1-10. Another 12-14 hours of sleep should hopefully push her into the all better zone. Thank you all for your well wishes.


Vivian M said...

Go Rosie!!!

Polar Bear said...

Yeah Rosie!!!! How exciting, your first ribbon!!!

The flags are great help when doing the backstroke, especially in an outdoor pool. Once you see the flags you know how many strokes you have until you can turn at the wall. It takes a while - it did for me - to get the count thing down. :o)

I'm glad Lily is doing better. I hope she is better today and feeling back to herself tomorrow.

Pam said...

Yeah- way to go Rosie! Love the ribbon you got!

val said...

Three cheers for the peanut.....she may be smaller than them but in her mind she is a giant!!!!

val said...

Three cheers for the peanut.....she may be smaller than them but in her mind she is a giant!!!!

Andie said...

Well done Rosie. The smaller kids always did well when I swam, she'll soon get used to all the rules. Glad Lily is feeling better too.


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