1 Oct 2012

Makes me giggle

From the moment Rosie started swimming all she has really wanted to do is learn the fly, oh and wear fins.



Tonight we see if she can make the big leagues. Please send her some positive ju ju she wants this so badly. So badly in fact that she woke up at 4.13am. and didn't go back to sleep. I might have to ring the coach and see if we can reschedule her try outs for a night when she has had some sleep.

The man in the lane next to Rosie is Coach Andrew, he is the big boss, this is his swim school and he calls all the shots. She impressed him yesterday so lets hope she can do it again.


val said...

OMG...I am seriously impressed! Coach Andrew better be impressed by her! She makes up her mind & she sticks with it....love her dedication.

One Happy Mama said...

Go Rosie Go! Sending good vibes!! ~nancy


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