2 Oct 2012

Another Flying Fish

Rosie didn't try out for the swim team yesterday because, quite frankly she was just way to tired so we waited until tonight. I walked her over to Coach and asked if they were ready and the lady Coach whose name I have no idea, told me she was to swim the whole class and that would be her try out. Sheesh, Rosie's try outs get tougher each time. LOL.

I bent down to tell Rosie and she burst into tears, WFH? She has been dreaming about this moment for months and it's finally happening and she is bawling, I don't get it. I asked her what was the matter and she just stuttered and stammered, "don't leave me, stay right here, don't go to the stands". I told her she would be fine and the coach told her to jump in. As I walked to the stands I saw her favourite coach and told her she was crying. Coach Kristina pulled her from the pool and I have no idea what she said to her but she started to smile and was fine.

After all the Llama drama she was fine and she did really well. She swam for an hour and once they got to put their fins on she got moved up a lane. She really flies in fins. She loved it, really loved. When I saw her getting out I went over to her and we went to talk to the coach. Without any hesitation she said she was in. Rosie was thrilled, so, so, thrilled BUT she was also blue.  The water is starting to get cold as we have had rain every single day for about 3 weeks. Her teeth were chattering and her face was purple.

Now I really don't know whether to put her in or not. Tomorrow I have to pay up, I have to pay the annual dues plus coaching fees, they aren't a lot but I can't see paying for something if she isn't going to be able to do this because it is just to cold for the scrawny little wimp. I said she would get used to it but Lily says it's always pretty cold there. Hmmmm?! I guess time will tell. In the winter they do heat it when they need to. The other pool that she has been in is 84 degrees all the time.

I'm really happy for her, she really worked hard for this and she made it happen.

I won't mention how I now get to spend 3.5 hrs at the pool every night. And since I'm not mentioning things I won't mention that I forgot my camera tonight for her try outs. Duh!

A spot of llama drama
The newest member of the Flying Fish Swim Team
Rosie Posie, I am so proud of you and so very happy for you. You are going to love this because you have worked so hard to get here. Tomorrow we will get your hat and everything else that you need. Be brave little warrior. I love you.


One Happy Mama said...

Yay Rosie... I had no doubt she'd make that team. We're proud of her too - she is awesome!! ~nancy

val said...

That is so fantastic.....Rosie you are incredible!
Dawn would you like me to link you to a "teach yourself to knit"? Just think you could make your family scarfs or socks for xmas!

dawn said...

Val...no thank you. Knitting and I dont get on AT ALL. My mum tried years ago and it was a bit disastrous.

4D said...

Congrats Rosie!!!

Keep smilin!

Anonymous said...

Hurray....loving all this good news.xxbb

Polar Bear said...

Awesome! Awesome!! AWESOME!!!
Way To Go, Ro!!!!

Vivian M said...

Congratulations Rosie!!!!!!


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