4 Sep 2012

There's always one

The kids and I love to play Wii. We really get into it and have loads of fun. We've had the console for about 4 years so we've built up quite a large range of games. It never fails that when we play we end up laughing our heads off. The kind of laughter that leaves you gasping for air.

Lily was the cause of the laughter yesterday. Miss Competitive is actually a good sport when it comes to Wii but she does try her best so when I saw her boxing skills yesterday I was reduced to heap of giggles. I managed to pull myself together long enough to whip out the video.

What on this planet is this? She swoops to the side with the grace of a Gazel. She's meant to be dodging a punch, people, not doing ballet. And what is with her little bottom doing all that wriggly stuff? I have no idea. Heaven help her if she really ever needs to punch anything, it will be hopeless. Oh my word I just love this, just love it.

After we had played for a bit Lily decided we all needed to find out our Wii Fit Age so we had to the test and get weighed and measured. Something weird happened when Rosie weighed in:
Fat kid ???
32.5lbs and at the risk of being overweight??? 
I swear if you are super duper skinny and look like a bone when naked when your BMI is tested the machines get screwed up. A few years ago my step brother Chris had to have his annual physical for the British Army and the man is like 17 ft tall and weighs 100lbs. He is skin and bone and as fit as a fiddle. Once it was complete he was called aside and told he was verging on obese. Are you freaking kidding me the man has to jump around in the shower just to get wet. Both he and Rosie are painfully thin so how in gods name can they be at the risk of over weight. Anyhoo, my little Fatso was really impressed to hear for the first time ever, that she is a porker. Stupid machine.
Oh and just in case you care, my Wii Fit age is 37...oh yeah . Oh that's right the stupid machine is broken. Damn.
I really love my Wii Fit too The kids love it as well as there are loads of things that they can do along with me. It's hilarious fun. That is the one that measures your fit age and your BMI, albeit poorly!


Vivian M said...

The tushy-wiggle punch is hilarious!

Pam said...

Tooooo funny!!!! Love it!!

Polar Bear said...

This made me wiggle all over as I giggled while watching her boxing skills. ;o)


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