3 Sep 2012

Her mind is made up

After try-outs last week Rosie decided that she does want to swim on the team and that she does want to swim on the team NOW. So we gave her her options, have private lessons with Coach Diego, Lily's Coach or have weekly lessons with Coach Andrew for 8 weeks for strength, stamina and endurance. She chose the latter.

 For the next 8 weeks I will once again be heading to the pool 7 days a week with one or the other of my girls. Oh lucky me. Rosie is determined to make this dang team. She is in no way being pushed by any of us...and you can take those words to the bank! Heck I even asked if she would rather play soccer, learn the piano, take ballet, and offered a myriad of other options but kidlet wants to swim.

Here she is all ready for her first stamina and endurance lesson. Poor kid has no idea what she has signed herself up for.
Ignorance is bliss I tell ya, 
And she is off for what is going to be a whole lot of laps.
Towards the end she looked exhausted and once out of the pool all she wanted was FOOD. Kid never wants food, must be a good thing!


One Happy Mama said...

Go Rosie! She's going to do well - she's her own motivator!! ~Nancy

Liene said...

Awesome for Rosie!!! I know the idea of sitting at the pool 7 days a week is not your cup of tea. I could sense the enthusiasm in your words, but it's important for her to find something to love and enjoy doing. Who knows, you might have the next Missy Franklin on your hands. I just wish my oldest would find something and stick with it.

val said...

Maybe this will be a way to put some meat on those bones & get her to grow! I love that determination!

Briana's Mom said...

She looks amazing! She looks like a swimmer - her form is terrific already! Go Rosie!

Polar Bear said...

I am so impressed! You'll do it R!!!!


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