10 Sep 2012

Studious little child

Hah, this kidlet is wasting no time racking up the accolades in the classroom. Rosie's teacher asked if I would mind waiting for a moment today so that she could have a quick word with me. Rosie and I stepped aside and waited for the rest of the kiddies to leave and then Ms. Valle called us over.

Rosie has been chosen as Student of the Month with the character value of, Responsibility. Aww, how cute is that. Rosie doesn't have a clue what it all means but she is quite proud anyhow.

Mummy look, I have this flashy piece of paper and it's all good stuff.
I even got a prize for winning this paper, pretty cool don't you think?
She was sent off to the Treasure Box in her classroom to pick out a prize, she chose a kazoo. At the end of the month she will get an award during an assembly. Good job kidlet.


val said...

Way to go Rosie!!! Aren't you proud of how she is "growing up"?

Alice said...

You deserve an award for creating a safe comfortable environment that's allowing your flower to blossom right before your eyes. Kuddos to both you and Rosie!

Vivian M said...

Congrats Rosie!!! What an awesome award. :o)

Anonymous said...



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