9 Sep 2012

I couldn't stand the cuteness.

Rosie had her swimming lesson today for endurance and I nearly jumped out of my skin with giddiness when they broke out the flippers. She has been begging to swim with flippers for months but there's a little problem, her feet are too "flippin'" small. I can get them from the swim supply stores online at a hefty price but for her to just have them for knocking around in it's impossible to find. They have to have a special kind the ones that adjust around the heal are not for this kind of swimming. When she saw them her face could have lit up the night sky.

She put them on and off she went...........swoosh. I was so happy for her and was glued to the glass and forgot about the camera. By the time I remembered they were almost done with them so I only have a couple of seconds of video.

She was flying
                          When it was someone else's turn this is what she would do the whole time. Any ideas?  
She was checking out her flippers under the water.                                  
She was so happy not just to have them on but also as they were her favourite colour, orange! I was surprised that they were orange and not red as the ones that I have seen online for her are red. When she got out I asked her how it was and finally after a gushing about how fast she was and how much fun it was she admitted they kept slipping, they were too big for her. Tonight I have placed an order for xxxs flippers by Speedo. They are going to be so small and diddy. (it's ironic as they are the same as Lily's and from the same online store but they cost more than double the cost of Lily's. I guess they are a speciality item due to the size.) I'm also ordering her first Speedo suit. I'll need a magnifying glass just to find it.


val said...

How exciting for her......just like big sister!!!

Vivian M said...

Love! Good things come in small packages. :o)


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