13 Sep 2012

Mail call

Rosie arrived home from school today to find that Arthur or as she says, Arfa, our mailman, had delivered a big box just for her. She opened it with great speed and was just as happy as happy can be to to see what was inside:

1pair of xxxs swim fins
2 competition bathing suits.

She wasted no time trying everything on and the fins were first. It never entered my head that they could possibly be too big..........................but they are. I don't know why considering her history with footwear that I didn't think they might be too wide, I just didn't. Who has ever had a hard time with flippers, you just put them on and off you go. Off you go that is unless you have Rosie's super skinny feet. These might as well be wellies they are so big and spacious on her. ARGHHHHH. She still loves them.

Gaping flippers how novel.
She loves her flippers big or not.
Next she tried on the suits. First came orange, not a surprise to me. She loved it. Ditto the teal one. The fit her too and really well. She ever had to wriggle to get the orange one over her shoulders. They stretch like crazy in the water so they need to be a bit snug. Lily adjusted it and gave it a thumbs up. Rosie didn't want to take them off and cannot wait to hit the pool this weekend.
All ready for the team.
Show off
When we were at Lily's swimming drills tonight I talked to one of the coaches about her fins and she said to use socks with them. So we immediately searched online for swim socks but they don't make them for little kids so she will have to wear ordinary athletic socks with her fins. Oh how dorky is that going to look? That's just wrong....my kid is not going to be the team nerd!I guess she is cos it's lack of choice. How can you make feet fat?


val said...

Maybe collagen shots? Tee hee snort, snort!

Well you certainly can't stuff them with tissue!!!

Briana's Mom said...

Bri has super skinny feet too! Her shoes are always slipping off - even sneakers. It used to drive her kindergarten teacher nuts! LOL!

Love the suits!


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