12 Sep 2012

Growth spurt

The last few months have found Rosie on a humongous growth spurt, not physically but mentally and emotionally. Until recently I could spend hours and hours sounding out words to her as we read a book and the very next day we would read the same book again and the words that she recognised not 24 hours before were now totally foreign once again. It didn't faze be as I am a big believer in "each in his won time".

It appears her time has come. During the last couple of weeks in school she has learnt and remembered more than ever before and is taking off like the proverbial bat.

Another area where she seemed to march to her own band, forget drum, was in drawing. Whatever she drew just all looked the same whether it was a picture of me or a bat, or a rocketship or a fairy princess. I hated it when she asked me what I thought it was because honestly, I had absolutely no clue whatsoever. That seems to be changing also and for the better. The other day she came home from school and with a great flourish produced a drawing from her back pack. She told me she had done it in art class. I looked at it and noticed that there was a note from her art teacher on the paper also. I then asked her if she had drawn it or if he had. She told me she had and was most indignant. I said, that I knew she coloured it but who actually drew the people and she insisted that she did. So I attempted the question from a different angle. I was so surprised at her drawing that I really thought that the teacher had done them for her. (yes, in hindsight I know that really sounds awful but you didn't see her people, people)

It seems that the little timid, scared of her own shadow, child is finally coming into her own and I really couldn't be happier for her. I don't think she'll ever be loud and bossy, who knows perhaps she will but bossy isn't pretty anyway. Everything is falling into place at once for her and I am surprised that her head isn't exploding. She even asked me if she could ride the bus home from school because not many kids in her class do and she is worried that the school bus driver might get lonely.

This is the one from school that I didn't think she had drawn herself.
This is me and Rosie. 
aw, she cracks me up.

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val said...

Popster would love what she said about the bus driver!


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