29 Sep 2012

Just laugh

What's the best cure for a week that sucked more than a Dyson? A jolly good laugh. And that is just what we had today.

This week has been hell. It was just the pits to be quite honest and it isn't over until tomorrow so I might be counting my chickens before they have hatched here but we threw caution to the wind and went out this afternoon and ended things up with a good time. It was our local Dragonboat races and as much as I love Dragonboat races I really can't stand the festival that goes along with it but I sort of attempted to jostle our local adoption group into a get together there today so it was important that I make an appearance. The festival didn't disappoint, it sucked.

The girls and I ended up taking advantage of the great breeze that was coming off of the ocean and flew kites instead. Haulover Beach is known for 3 things, it's kites, it's marina and it's clothing optional beach. We hit 2 out of the 3.

We flew our kites at the marina!!!

Aren't the boats fabulous?
Little kite flyer amazed at how high up her kite was
Lily is quite the pro
I love seeing kites in the air
I really couldn't see to take photos as the sun was so bright. This is Rosie's kite
The blimp flew directly over our heads as we were getting back into the car. The Marlins were playing tonight and it was on it's way to the stadium. It made it there much faster than we did.
We only stayed at the festival for a few minutes but we flew kites for a while. By the time we got home it was late and the girls were tired and that is when the giggles set in. Lots and lots of them. I am still laughing now at the things they said. Poor Rosie I just have to wonder if she will ever figure out life!


val said...

Love to see kites. BTW what is wrong with weather where you get to wear shorts when it isn't nice??

Vivian M said...

I love how you make lemonade out of lemons. Hope your upcoming week is much better! Sending love and hugs.

Anonymous said...

jon and I recently went to lodestar music festival and had the opportunity to fly Kites that lifted people off the ground or drove them along on skateboards or with 3 wheeled go carts...gr8 fun for Jon, I declined....maybe next year.xxbb

One Happy Mama said...

Awesome boat! I've never attended the Dragon Boat Races ... they are always to far away. I rarely gets windy enough here to fly a kite, but I know the girls would love it!! ~Nancy


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