28 Sep 2012

Her moment to shine

This morning Rosie left the house really excited and so looking forward to the day ahead so I was very surprised when about 20 minutes later when I received a call from the school receptionist. She said that Rosie was very upset and crying because she had left something at home and promptly put Rose on the phone. A very quiet little voice at the end of the phone told me that she had forgotten Gypsy. As I turned around in the kitchen I saw him laying on the floor under her chair. Gypsy is a little dog that she squirrels away in her back pack every single day. She never takes him out but he gives her a sense of security and there he was in the kitchen with me.

I told her I would bring him with me when I went to her award ceremony if that was OK with her. I told her she would be fine and not to worry he would be there later. I was surprised that she was so upset even though I really shouldn't have been. I was shocked to find that having Gypsy with her each day offers her so much comfort even though he never sees the light of day. Gypsy has the same magicial powers that bunny has for Lily, not that Lily will admit to that anymore but not a night goes by that she doesn't still sleep with "the bun" and it's a beautiful thing.

When I got to school I walked up to her and handed him over, she grabbed him and buried him out of sight and then told me that having him with her is like having me there too and it makes everything OK. She said she got so scared when she realised she didn't have anyone and Lily had already gone to her class.

Gypsy saved the day and it was on with the show, the student of the month award ceremony. Little Miss sassy Bloomers was all that and then some. Hah, she was all smiles once again and proudly walked up to the assistant principal to receive her certificate.

the show must go on.
All the kindergarten kidlets that received awards this morning with the assistant principal Mr. Robinson.
Happy girl again
This made me laugh. The ceremony got a little long winded and apparently someone else thought so too. Hmmm, how rude!
I had to return to the school 2 hours later for a meeting about Lily and when I walked in the office Sumi, the receptionist was so concerned about Rosie. When I explained what had happened she just smiled.Sumi has such a soft spot for both of my girls and is a sweet heart. She decided to ring me, Rosie didn't ask her too. She said Rosie was actually shaking so before she sent her off to her class she gave her a drink of water. Sheesh, she'll be heading to the office all the time now. My girls really do have a fabulous group of people in their school and this year it has just been kicked back up a few notches.


Anonymous said...

What a delightful story Dawn...makes me smile and gives me a warm glow.xxbb

val said...

Everyone needs a "security blanket"! Rosie has come a long way & that was just a hiccup in her progress.

Briana's Mom said...

So glad she was able to get her Gypsy! Cute story!


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