21 Aug 2012

It all went well, considering.

I purchased the girls uniforms a few weeks ago and when I asked Lily what coloured shirts she wanted this year she was adamant that she only wanted white. I was fine with that as white is much cooler but I suggested that she get at least ONE other colour. She chose a red one.

Yesterday morning as she was getting dressed she suddenly decided, with huge amounts of drama, that she couldn't possibly wear a white shirt, even though she had picked it out the night before. In fact she couldn't wear white shirts at all. I decided that I wasn't about to wage a war on the first day of school so I sort of calmly walked into her closet and got out her red one and then I might have mentioned that she then only had ONE freaking shirt for the entire school year. But I didn't, I bit my tongue. They can have plain Polo's and you can buy the school logos and sew them on but the school happens to be out of logos at the moment and she won't be out of uniform cos she is anal just like someone else we know. Then I might have said, with arm waving drama, that I was going to really enjoy trying to find plain polos in Miami the day THAT school started and that I was sure it would be a whole lot of fun. But I didn't, no, I bit my tongue so hard that I have a welt on it the size of Manhattan cos that's what you do on the first day of school cos you want, NO DRAMA.

Once both little darlings were dressed we headed down stairs and off we went. Once they were safely ensconced in the halls of learning I drove Hells Half Acre trying to find plain Polo's for my dear sweet 10 yr old. I found 2 in her school colours, a black one and a red one. She now has 3 that she can wear. One thing I learnt: school clothes are really really cheap once school has started. You can buy shirts for $4. Who the heck wants to?

When I left the girls at school, Rosie looked as if she was about to cry and Lily looked as if her world was about to end due to the lack of friends in her class. Fast forward a couple of hours. Rosie appeared at the gate holding her teachers hand looking a little pensive because she couldn't see me over the tall people. Once she found me she came running and words came flying: running, laughing, great, cafeteria, and on and on she went. She loved it and really really loved Mrs Valle. She even said she couldn't wait to go back tomorrow.

Last night as she was laying in bed she said she hopes she never gets a red light and I told her nobody EVER gets a red light so she said she hopes she never gets a yellow light. So I took a big dramatic breath and said, RoRo, if you do don't worry about it to much, I know you will learn your lesson. When Lily was in Mrs Valle's class she got a yellow light every single week! Kidlet sat up so fast I nearly laughed, her eyes got super big, she stared me straight in the face and said, My Lily? Yes Ro Ro, your Lily, the sister that you think is so perfect got a yellow light every single week and one time she got it three times in one week. Kidlet nearly fell over. What did she do Mama?  Your sister is a chatterobx, Rosie!

And with that she put her thumb in her mouth and went to sleep.

As for Lily. She came be bopping out of school just as happy as a lark. All smiles. Yipping and yapping as always. I told Jacob not to probe her for information about her day but to let her open up a bit if she was quiet. Hah, no need she was singing like a canary. Loves both her teachers, even the one that was not meant to be so nice. Loves being one of the big kids. Loves this, loves that, loves loves loves. When she got home she loved her new shirts...yay for that I say. Her and I ran out to get the rest of the supplies that were not on the list but were added to it that day. She talked about everything and is excited about the year. PHEW.

I'm so glad that they are both happy.

And just for fun here is the video of Lily when she started kindergarten. It's ironic that she mentions being 10 in it because yesterday she started 5th grade and she is 10.

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And one other thing for those of you that don't know me on FB. As we picked up Lily from school yesterday she suddenly stopped dead in her tracks. She said, Mum, mum, look at that.

Who in there right mind wears such a thing to pick up their child from school? Yeah, I am being judgemental, do you blame me?


Anonymous said...

glad it went well in the end, it's always hard to start back. Love to them, love to you. sal

Candy said...

That was the sweetest video I've ever seen. And such a sweet face to go along with her voice. Loved it.

Luciana said...

LOL that is so cute! Lily is too much. Gotta love her. "That doesn't mean I'm 10, I'm only 5..." lol

What a great post. Happy first week of school, everyone!

One Happy Mama said...

Oh My ... loving the little Rosey Show, she is all smiles! So stinking cute she is! Good to hear Lily is in love with school, that's the way it should be!!
Side note: we aren't allowed to buy any clothing skirts/tops/sweaters from anywhere except the uniform shop boooo. So count yourself lucky to get $4 shirts!
That shirt is plain tacky - I feel ashamed for her! LOL ~Nancy

val said...

Oh that video.....total cuteness!! The t-shirt....total tackiness!!


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