20 Aug 2012

First day of school 2012 - 2013

That's that then. Summer is over and the girls went back to school today. Lily started fifth grade, which is a big deal for her because she attends a K-8 centre and 5th grade marks the beginning on middle school for her. Rosie started Kindergarten which again is a biggy as it marks the beginning of mandatory education for her.

The morning started off with 2 children having polar opposite feelings about the day. Lily bebopped out of bed and Rosie moaned and whined and finally crawled out of "our" bed. She kept coming downstairs last night with every kind of anxious thought imaginable until I conceded and put her into our bed so she would fall asleep at a decent hour.

I had woken up an hour before them and was ready for whatever they threw at me. HAH, take that kidlets, this morning I was unflappable, not my usual morning self.

Note Rosie's odd socks: her trademark.
Ready to go.
Sheesh Mum, hurry up the sun is blinding.
Lily barely touched her breakfast this morning which shocked me so with a promise of eating a good lunch we left the house and headed to school. Once at school we decided to divide and conquer. I took Rosie and Jacob took Lily. I promised Lily that the second I had Rosie settled I would appear in her room Rosie was getting really really quiet which means she is about to cry. I told her to suck it up and take deep breaths. Once in her classroom she decided to sit next to Sawyer, her friend from last year. Saywer wasn't looking to chipper either, bless him. I sat her down snapped a few photos and told her I was leaving. I talked to Mrs. Valle and told her Rosie doesn't like good byes so I was heading out the door. If she needed me she could call. Before Rosie had a chance to get hysterical we did our special good bye routine and I flew out the door and headed to parts unknown,the Upper Academy.

Rosie being brave
doing great cos I whipped out the trump card, Gypsy!
I found my way to Lily and was shocked to see her alone. None of her friends are in her class. This happened a couple of years ago to her and as much as she is a social butterfly I feel so awful for her for the first little while. (yes, I do that she will be fine but it does'nt mean my stomach isn't in knots until she comes home) I went over to her and talked to her and she was not happy, in fact she was quite snippy. I snapped a photo, chatted to the teacher and made a fast retreat. Sweet soothing words do not work with the logical child. She needs proof that it will be OK and if I stay there delaying the day that isn't going to help anything!

She does however love being in the new building and loves her new classroom. Yay... for the small things. In 5 minutes I am going to pick up Ro'. I'll update later o how it went. Ro I know did fine. Lily.....I'm not so sure. Yes I am, the social butterfly did fine. Homeschooling......if only they wouldn't end up as dumb as bricks.


One Happy Mama said...

Cute videos! How awful Lily is not with her friends. I'm sure she will make new ones quickly though. ~Nancy

val said...

Wow Rosie is "growing up"! As for Lily.....she is learning that life can be tough but she will make friends. Where did summer go to?

Briana's Mom said...

I hope they both had really good days! I can remember and feel the first day of school nerves just reading this post! Love the videos!


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