20 Jul 2012

Stretching out a play date.

Before Pam and her family went to China to bring home Emma we saw them all the time and I mean ALL the time. We went to the airport at 0.dark hundred hours to welcome them home and we haven't seen them since. That was 6 months ago. We've sent texts, emails and had phone conversations, oh and we follow each others lives through our blogs but have failed to get together so this week we decided it WAS going to happen.

Since it is hot, and all the kids like to swim we decided to meet here at our community pool but after a quick "think" I ruled out our pool as it can get pretty busy. I have the pass key for a friends pool in her community and no one ever uses it. She tells me to use it whenever I want and today was that day.

Oh my aching word, Emma is adorable. The child has so many facial expressions. I have never seen a kidlet so small be so expressive. I really just wanted to scoop her up but know only to well that that would scare the hairbow right off of her gorgeous little head so I stayed back. She finally became my friend when I had a tub of watermelon. I got it out of the cooler for all of the kids but when Pam said it was Emmas favourite I decided to hold it in my hands so she would come over and get it. It worked like a charm. Did I say yet that she is adorable, well she is. Lily was just in love with her.

Both girls were so happy to be playing with the boys again. Lily loves to play with them as they have endless supplies of energy just like her. Today was the first time they have had pool time together and it was a huge success. The hours just flew by and the kiddies were getting hungry but luckily just around the corner from the pool is a pizza restaurant so we ordered a pizza for dinner and ate poolside. This was great thinking as Emma once again became my friend . Snort!

The older kids ate at warped speed and were gone, they shot next door into the adjoining playground. Pam and I cleaned up and then had to explain to some disgruntled children that it was time to leave. By now it was almost 8.30.
All 5 kiddywinkles together.
Adam and Lily doing the "stationary swim" as they called it. Mad I tell you, they are mad!
Little Miss Cuteness herself, Emma.
Lily and Noah racing
Snack time
Adam with his Albert Einstein hair
Adam multi tasking. Snacking and swimming at the same time, it's an art form. LOL
Playing chicken. Is it just me that thinks it's all wrong that the little brother got stuck with the big sister? 
A horrid photo of me but look who came to visit! She really only wanted my pizza and empty bottle.
And I thought the only nutty signs in the world were found in China. Lily wanted me to take this photo. You can't see in the photo but there were originally 3 "t"'s in the word button and removing one left this! This is on the gate as you leave the playground. You must be a resident to play in the park and use the pool so you have to use your card to get in but to leave you just .........push butt on to exit! bwa ha ha ha
We had a really lovely afternoon/evening. If the kids had it their way we would still be there playing and swimming. We promised to get together again really soon.The kids all yelled, Sunday????


Sherri said...

awesome photos as always. I just started following Pam's blog a few months ago. I think I got her blog from your list. Emma is adorable and both girls are just maybe a month or two apart. We're hoping to meet them as well some day.

val said...

What a cutie!!! Isn't it a riot that your kids now recognize good "blog fodder"!

Pam said...

We had such a wonderful afternoon! The pictures came out super cute! We have to do it again SOON!

Vivian M said...

That sign made me smile......Emma is a cutie! The kidlets look happy and I am thrilled to finally see you in a pciture. :-)


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