19 Jul 2012


I suppose saying it's hot here in the summer is rather redundant but the next few days are going to be hotter and drier than usual for this time of year due to some oddball Saharan Dust that is blowing it's way through all the way from Africa. I think it's funny that people think we are used to the heat because we live here. Let me explain something once and for all, WE ARE USED TO AIR CONDITIONING. Climate control, every single place we go. We don't go outside when it is hot we stay in our nice air conditioned homes or go to other air conditioned environments, we are wimps. IF we had to deal with the heat wave that has gripped the rest of the country we would be dropping faster than flies.

It was wicked hot today which left us with limited options. The pool was our number one choice.

Just chillin'
Crazy girl took her flippers and swam a few laps but for the most part just had fun.
Handstands in the pool.......we've all done them.
I love her face here, I don't know what she was doing
Squirt gun fun
Evil big sister. She told her lil' sis to hold the noodle up to her ear to see if she could hear anything then blew all the water out of it. 
The girls love wearing these bathing suits because they are SPF suits and with these they don't need sunscreen plastered all over them, just on their faces and legs.


Sherri said...

Gorgeous as always...so love those suits.

val said...

Very cool underwater shots!!

Andie said...

I'm sorry, I just remembered that you asked me to look for some of those suits while I was here! You obviously found some cute ones anyway. I did look and all the ones I found were really expensive, they were all designer brands.

Have fun keeping cool.


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