4 Jul 2012

Red, white and blue day

Happy birthday to my Daddy. I'm sure he would have been quite humbled to have seen all the celebrations that took place over here today in honour of his birthday.

The girls find Independence Day a very long day. They ask constantly how much longer until the fireworks. It's sad but in Miami we have very little fanfare for such a huge day. There are plenty of fireworks in the evening but very few parades during the day. So for the kiddies it's all about waiting. When we finally made it to dinner time and I lit the BBQ they were raring to go.

I took the girls to a relatively small display this evening and about 10 minutes after we arrived and found a fabulous little spot it started pouring with rain and thundering so we made a mad dash for the car and waited it out. Fortunately our favourite spot was still available when we returned as it was on the grass and nobody else wanted to sit on wet grass. We had a semi-waterproof blanket and were fine.

Waiting for the fireworks, before the rain.
still waiting after the rain
adding lots of glow sticks to the mix
what they looked like an hour later
ahhhhhhh. It was hard to take photos as I had Rosie on my shoulders
After the display I broke out the sparklers for Rosie because she loves them
Lily is not a fan of sparklers, she isn't really a big fan of fireworks unless she is a long way away. Tonight Lily actually asked to hold a sparkler. After a couple of seconds she threw it to the ground but that was fine as I had anticipated that she would and already told her where to throw it if she got spooked. 
They decided they couldn't possibly go to sleep tonight as there was just to much noise from fireworks in the neighbourhood. That statement was made 2 seconds before they both went out cold. I hope everyone had a very happy and safe 4th.


val said...

Happy 4th....again!

Vivian M said...

Happy birthday to your Dad!!! And very happy fourth of July!


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