3 Jul 2012

Fun with friends

I do not make plans for the girls in earshot of them because on so many occasions the plans have to get scratched and I am left with one or two very disappointed little kids. Life is full of disappointments that actually mean something and that are worth getting upset over, cancelled play dates, in my eyes, are not. Last Friday evening as we left swimming Mari, Paula's Mum, invited Lily to her house on Monday to sleep over. Lily and Paula remembered, Mari didn't. It all turned out okay as Paula and Lily took matters into their own hands. Lily did sleep over last night and today we met at the zoo for an afternoon of fun. We have a fabulous zoo that now boosts a water play area as one of it's attractions. We really didn't even bother looking for any of the animals as it was 91 degrees we just headed straight for the wet stuff.
Rosie and Camilla
The 3 amigos, Nico, Lily and Paula
Adjacent to the water park is this really lovely play area so the kids bebopped between the two
double trouble....and they are
Silly girl
Paula and Lily having a whale of a time
I loved this statue

Surfer girl
Rosie spent absolutely ages manning this water gun. She loved it.
As is typical with an unsleepover not much sleep was had so by 8pm both girls were goneso! Rosie really misses Lily when she isn't here and so do I. I know it's a rite of passage and all but I'm a much happier Mama when all my little chickadees are home in the nest. I don't mind how many others join them here just as long as mine are here, where they belong.


Pam said...

love the pics! we really need to get together!!!!!

Leah Mei said...

I didn't know our zoo had a water park. Very cool! We usually go in January or February when the weather is cooler, now we have something to look forward to in the summer at the zoo. Zoo officials must have wised up!

val said...

You have the coolist water parks there....in the "land of hot"!

Vivian M said...

We need one of those here! So glad the girls are enjoying the weather and their summer vacation!

Sammons said...

Rosie could have anything she wants in my house!!!! Could just bottle her up and keep her forever haha, so darn adorable!!!!!!


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