10 Jul 2012

If there is a parenting award........

....I won't be getting it.
I have no idea how Lily is doing so well. Actually I have no idea how both of my girls are still alive let alone thriving.

Did I ever mention here how I/we actually forgot to feed Lily her lunch on our 3rd day of being her parents? No? Well, we did. It somehow completely slipped our minds. It wasn't until well into the middle of the afternoon when she saw someone eating some candy and nearly ripped their arm of in order to get some for herself that it became obvious to me that she might be a little hungry. That thought then led to another one which made me realise, holy crap, I haven't fed the poor little mite.

Thankfully I got into a groove of feeding her 3 times a day with a few snacks here and there and even remembered other important things as well but it came to my attention yesterday that I have once again dropped the ball.

Lily and I were talking with Rosie and I have no clue what made me ask Rosie such an odd question but I said, "Rosie, do carrots grow on trees or in the ground?' She thought about it long and hard, she rolled her eyes far back in her head and then answered:

Oh yes she did, she said they grow on trees. At first Lily and I just fell about laughing, (perhaps that is another example of my fine parenting) but then I got a bit concerned. So I tried again. "Rosie, where do eggs come from?" And with a serious face she said:
Another freaking tree! I nearly fell out of mine. At this point Lily is gasping for air as she is laughing so hard. Lily then asked where people come from, I scowled at her for this one as I had no intentions of walking that walk just yet but Rosie's answer was simple, "they just grow". So then she asked where cheese comes from and helped her out, Rosie, does cheese grow in the ground or on a tree? Rosie just looked perplexed and said her standard answer:
Oh dear how can it be that the kidlet thinks everything grows on trees? I am fully aware that I am raising 2 city slickers due to our geographic location but their grandparents whom they visit frequently are country dwellers and take country living seriously. Rosie has collected eggs from under a hen, she has seen carrots growing, she has picked fresh produce. There must be an explanation, perhaps she amnesia. Yes I bet that's it.

Thank heavens I no longer have to answer to social workers cos our days as a family would be numbered.

 I think I had better look for a house for sale in the middle of East OshKosh with a large plot of land so that I can plant all the trees we need to live, socks, shoes, cheese, carrots, underwear perhaps I should try a money tree too and lets not forget a tree that has parenting manuals for leaves!


val said...

Don't you remember the "standard answer" when you asked your parents for something......

"Do you think money grows on trees!!"

In Rosie's world everything does!

Tammie said...

Ask her what came first. The chicken or the egg. Go ahead. I dare ya!


dawn said...

Tammie, you are a trouble maker. ROFL

Vivian M said...

Ha!!! Kerri thought babies grew in the ground, like a plant. ;o)


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